i need some guidance!

  1. My boyfriend and I are celebrating our 3 year anniversary on Tuesday, and he said he would buy me a Tokidoki bag (and perhaps accessory, but I haven't gotten an official word on this yet!)

    I'm trying to decide between a Paradiso Zucca or MM (maybe a BV??) or an Inferno MM (BV??). I'm thinking the Inferno may be more practical since it's a darker print and it's something I can carry around without worrying too much about dirt. However, Paradiso is more "me". It seems girlier and sort of matches what I wear a bit better.

    As far as size goes, I already have a Gioco and a Dolce. I kind of want a Mamma Mia but I really am a big bag girl at heart (when I got my Gioco, it was like I got back a part of me that I was missing, haha!)

    Would the Paradiso Zucca be okay if I just used some ScotchGuard? I've never had a bag get really dirty before, but i'm terrified that it'll happen for some reason.

    What would you get if you were me? :shrugs:
  2. I'd get something you really really love...sounds like the paradiso zucca. I have several pieces of paradiso and my wallet gets used all of the time and still shows absolutely no dirt. So just protect it with a spray before you use it!
  3. paradiso zucca for the win! its a gorgeous bag!
  4. My Paradiso Zucca is rapidly becoming my all time favorite toki.

    (And to think you can find a thread on this forum where I say I don't like the Zucca style and another where I say I don't like Paradiso - but then I saw bubblesungs Paradiso Zucca and that all changed....)
  5. I say go for the Paradiso zucca!! I love my Spiaggia zucca the more I use it.

    I have a Paradiso gioco and I used it a lot before Scotch Guarding it. It never got dirty (but I also never let it get into "dirty" situations) except one gray spot on the back where my clothes rub up against it and nothing seems to get that spot out.
  6. Another paradiso zucca supporter right here.
    Zucca is the best shape ever, and paradiso is an awesome print, especially if it's more 'you'.
  7. <Waves hand for Paradiso Zucca>
  8. Paradiso - Zucca or BV or MM