I need some guidance please

  1. Thanks to all the cerises talk around here I called the LV hotline and was told a couple weeks ago that there was nothing left. Then I read that two people got pouchettes. DARN IT!! I have called twice since yesterday and inquired again and was told that there is a sac plat left. Should I call and get, is it practical or am I getting caught up in the cerise hunt? Or should I wait on ebay and get a used one, or a used pouchette on ebay? I am in the process of selling my coach purses and I am thinking about selling my Gucci tote with charms to help with the costs. I am supposed to be on a purse ban, but this is driving me crazy and had dreams of cerises last night. Also, an option is to just wait, get over it and see what is coming out next year. Any help and insight would be appreciated. Thank you!
  2. Let-trade has a very pretty Cerises pochette available right now.
  3. Call up the store that still has the sac plat...it doesn't hurt to try. It seems like you want a cerise product really bad! Don't worry, you'll get one!
  4. Get the cerises item that you WANT and LOVE, not just ANY cerises item that you can get hold of just to own something from that line. JMHO.
  5. ITA!
  6. Dont' get caught up in the moment...Get what you want the most. You will regret not getting what you are truely looking for. I have done it...a couple of times:shame:
  7. which item in the cerises line are you looking for? i agree with I LOVE LV and Bookish - get the one that you like, used or new. good luck!
  8. But the one let-trade has up! He is a reputable seller and it's affordable!
  9. Ditto....the sac is pretty thin....
  10. Forgot to say...Welcome!
  11. My initial thinking was the pouchette, I would need to get an extender for it. Then when they said the sac plat is available it got me thinking. It definitely makes a statement with the large cherries and the more I look at it the more I like it. For any of you that have a sac plat, do you love it, do you use it often, and is it only a handheld?
    Thanks again for your help.
  12. the one on let-trade is at a very good price but the cherries are scratch out.
  13. I personally LOVE the sac plat. But I agree with everyone, get it if you actually like everything about the bag, and not just to get caught up with owning something from the cerises line.
  14. I agree with what everyone else is saying too...wait for the bag you really want - you'll find it! I'm sure you'll be able to find one through let-trade or ebay...
  15. Personally, I don't find that the sac plat is too useful because it's pretty thin?! Wait it out a little...there's always something on ebay or let-trade like everyone said. The speedy is probably one of the most useful and eye-candy bag in the line...but really, go with your heart. If you feel that u r beginning to love the sac plat, get it...