I need some Guidance LOL


Feb 4, 2007
Okay so whenever I post these I usually don't end up getting that shoe but a TOTALLY different one lol

I am itching for another CL... I recently purchased the Tiger Patent NP and I want to get one more shoe...

Here's what I don't have that I would like to...
A nude patent closed toe pump and a black patent shoe...
The black patent can be open or closed I have the horatio sling back in black patent though... I have also been obsessing about the EB rolandos

This may be my last purchase until Labor day... which will then be my birthday purchases... 2 or 3 pair.

here is what I have...

Black kid simple
Black decolettismo(sp)
Glitter NP with gold heel and toe
Nude patent NP
Red/Wine patent Rolando
Brown Veee
Black patent Horatio sling
Python Privitata in bronze/aqua
Tiger Patent NP

I can't think of anymore LOL

I also feel the need to add that I only wear my CL's on the weekends and on date nights... because I wear flats to work everyday... So I am trying to buy more fun CL's


Never not trying
Feb 6, 2008
The EB Rolandos are definitely beautiful, fun and super-sexxxy!

Also, what about the Nude Clichy 120s Laureen got from Madison(?) Ave or LV(?)
They're divine and perfect for hot summer date nights!


Feb 4, 2007
Thanks ladies... I definately need to get a VP :tup:
I wanted the clichy sooooo bad but the 100mm is gone and I don't think I would be happy with the 120mm honestly!
Could I still find a nude patent decolette?


Lux Lover
Jan 25, 2008
What size are you again?

Nude patent Clichy 120s sound hot. I would scour ebay for the decollettes, I havent seen any in any stores near me in Nude. Only camel, and that was a bit darker.

Nude patent Rolandes? Or Nude calf Rolandes? Or they have like milky patent Rolandos?


NE Born OH Bred
Jul 6, 2007
I was thinking the camel patent decolette or the black patent VP would be great additions to what you have. You might be able to still find the decolette, I would have your Saks SA do a search. Not certain if the boutiques carried them.


May 26, 2007
You need some VP in your life. haha

If you want the decollete, Barneys has them in black and camel I believe, NM has them in limited sizes in black patent and brown patent, BG again limited sizes, Saks limited sizes in camel, CL Horatio had them in beige as of a couple of weeks ago, and CL Madison in black I think. CL Palazzo I don't recall other than the pink for sure and I didn't check CL BH lately for decollete info.

Some are patent and some are jazz leather.
Mar 5, 2008
I think that you need a pair of VPs or 120mm Pigalles or Clichys. I love the cream colored 120mm Clichys that Lauren recently got - if I could actually walk in 120mm shoes then I would get those for sure.

Oh, they're cream! I was wondering about that. The box said "cream" but I thought they looked too dark for that, but then they didn't look as pink as my nude kid Declic.