i need some good advice. keep or no keep?

  1. I just ordered this from activeendeavors:

    i don't think i've ever wanted an item of clothing so badly. of course, i've never spent this kind of money on one item of clothing before either. $902! even with the toutie coupon it ended up being $721. anyway, activeendeavors has free return shipping, which is why i went ahead and ordered it. what do you guys think? should i keep it and then not shop till christmas? that was what i was thinking of doing. i'll update you guys when i actually get it.
  2. The jacket is very nice!
  3. I like the jacket a lot. It has some interesting details that one doesn't see everyday such as the two large snaps at the bottom and the diagonal pockets with the tab trim. It has some pretty touches to it.
  4. very nice :yes: don't feel bad for purchasing it, looks like you can wear it with anything (dress it up or down).
  5. That is a beautiful jacket, but $700 is a lot. You should wait until you get it to see if you truly love it and it fits perfectly. If it isn't perfect, I'd return it.
  6. [​IMG]
    I just bought this jacket from bluefly for just over $200 when they had their Columbus Day 15% off sale and I got another 15% off from the deals and steals section. It's very soft lamb leather and fits perfectly.:heart:
  7. i kind of hope i hate it when it comes...will make my life easier. we'll see. if it isn't PERFECT i'll return it.
  8. taht's really cute!!!!!!:biggrin::love:
  9. Hmmm. I'd have to see it up close and personal
  10. I love the jacket, however I think it's a bit too pricey for leather jacket. I have a whole collection of them, but never paid more than 400$ though...
  11. it's a nice jacket, but 700 seems to much for that thing.
    is it 700 for the whole outfit or just the jacket?
  12. it's just the jacket... i know. i really hope it looks terrible on me.
  13. :P
    but if it's good, don't hesitate to keep it! a leather jacket will never be out of style.
    consider it as an investment
  14. I absolutely know how you feel!

    Sometimes I wish that what I want will be too large so I will have to return it/won't buy it....

    Good luck either way (getting more funds or it looking terrible in person). :flowers:
  15. It looks fabulous on the model. If it looks that good on you definitely its worth it. :smile: