I Need Some Focus!

  1. Okay, I had to take a break...I have a 20 page paper to write that's due Sunday at midnight. I'm on page...4! lol. I am sooooo stressed out right now. I had another huge project that I just finished Thursday, hence why this paper isn't already half way done.

    Just asking for some support or maybe some prayers. I myself am going to rely on some java to keep me going tonite but I think my cutoff tonite will be 1 a.m.

    Wish me luck!
  2. Here is a last-minute paper tip that sometimes works for me: write the topic sentence of each paragraph and your conclusion. Then all you have to do is fill in the rest. It works kind of like an outline, but less skeletal. I, too, must tear myself away and go study. Good luck!
  3. Okay, update! Almost done....I have my 20 pages done but am now just in the process of editing. I'm really sick of this paper! Blech! Anyone else working on a large project?
  4. no more TPF for you till you're done with the paper!! that should help keep you focused!!
  5. Ugh I had to do that last quarter with my senior seminar paper. I hated it by the time I was finished!
  6. ITA!!!

  7. Okay okay!! :shame: I'll get back to task. Only one diagram and a chart to add.
  8. Good for you (almost done). It's hard, but I bet you're relieved. My son had a 20 page project to finish this weekend too....I really had to get on hime to focus and finish, but he is so glad to be done and have some Sunday to relax...same for you :smile:
  9. I just submitted my PhD some time ago - I feel your pain and I know about large projects.... good for you that you are done!
  10. The editing is cake, once the paper is done! Congrats, you are on the home stretch!
  11. How's it coming?

    Last week/weekend I was so stressed out, I had about 40 pages of writing to do for some papers, plus two exams and a big presentation. I'm so glad it's over! I just have to wrap up a few small things and then I'll be done (officially on Wednesday). Can't wait! Good luck to you.
  12. *Sigh of relief* It is finally uploaded to my teacher. I am soo glad it's over with but now just nervous about my grade. At least now I have some time to rest my brain and prepare for some exams.
  13. I feel you. I am working on my long essay right now and my exams are in 2 weeks! Lol... I need to tear myself from TPF. I am setting my cutoff during lunchtime, my brains should be working by then..

    Oh yes, good luck to you!