I need some expert advice!!!!!Please

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  1. I am about to purchase my first Birkin. I am trying to decide between a black togo 35 and an orange togo 35. Of course the orange is more expensive but the color is beautiful. Black of course will never go out of style, or show dirt/wear as bad. What do you think, would the orange show wear, or is the togo a really durable leather? Any advice will help, as I am a newbie at Hermes!! :smile1
  2. Color is really just up to your preference and what you think you would get the most use out of. I like both, but obviously black is a safe choice.

    I'm not a leather expert but for me, the only downside to togo is the slouch and wear on corners. It's not the sturdiest leather, but as long as you properly care for your bag, it shouldn't be enough to deter you. I like the look of togo for casual bags.
  3. While black is very classic, I love the orange. Hermes does colors so well, especially their signature orange, and I think it makes the bag pop in a really unique way. The Birkin is really a tote, and black totes are a dime a dozen, but I think the orange makes it special. That being said, you may just want something more subtle, and black is certainly easier to dress up. Good luck choosing!
  4. As mentioned above, color is totally preference. You need to ask yourself if you want a neutral go with everything color or one that pops and may go with most wardrobe vs some of your wardrobe? Do you want a color that pops and attracts attention or one that blends in and is less noticeable? Do want your first to be color and then get a neutral later? Or are you buying only one for a long time then another later? A 35B is a sizeable bag so color will pop even more so be sure to get it In a color you like or love a lot.

    Togo leather is a great leather for a first bag. It slouches less than Clemence and will be sturdier longer. It's not overly stiff or soft and Togo and Clemence hide a lot and less prone to scratching vs something like box and the smoother leathers. I think all leathers are prone to wear in the corners especially if you're tough on your bags. It can also handle all kinds of weather.

    Good luck. Hope this helped a little.
  5. I LOVE my orange B but sometimes i wish I went woth a neutral color so i can get more wear out of it. Good luck deciding! You won't regret it either way
  6. What color hardware do the bags have?

    Personally, I'm not a fan of Orange in togo. The color seems a little dull to me. (clemence seems to take the color better)

    And if the black bag has gold HW, that would be the winner to me. Love the look of a classic black kelly with gold HW
  7. Your preference, but since you asked, Black, no matter the hardware!! You'll get to use it more often. And trust me, you'll want to use it :smile:
    It's the quintessential Hermes bag...
    With the exception of box or exotics, I feel that black is kind of boring. Better to go with graphite or indigo...Hermes does color so beautifully. Many initially want black because it's a "safe" choice but there are other darker colors that look so much richer.
    You can't go wrong with orange..it's such a happy color and surprisingly neutral.
  9. You can't go wrong with either but if this is your ONE and ONLY B, then black. If you plan on getting more later on, then orange. Hope this help!
  10. I would go for black since it goes with everything
  11. Black if you ask me!! Is orange absolutely your color? If you haven't, I would recommend seeing as many colors possible online or at the store and find your favorite colors. You never know, you might like a color you never knew existed.
  12. Both nice colors but, for your first, black. While those beautiful pop colors are tempting, these are lifetime bags and you could tire of orange a few years down the road. Another thing is that, when the corners inevitably show some wear, it will be much easier to touch up black without having to go the H spa route every time.

    And if its GHW all the more reason!
  13. I would start out with black. Orange is a signature H color, and you can always get orange later if you like.
  14. I would go for black. My first Birkin was also black and I still love it. A true classic that goes with everything.
    All my Birkins are in Togo leather so far, and I think Togo is definitely a durable leather.
  15. Despite not knowing your wardrobe preference, seasons or climate your residing country has, your family/career organisation, I recommend black as a starter. I started off by colour and my last settlement with Bs and Ks are more neutral. You really need to try out as many colours with Hermes, its such a delightful experience and you really can't go wrong with H colours. I hope you are happy with your decision. H is too expensive not to be happy with, I hope you enjoy your bag (and bagS to come!).