i need some encouragement

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  1. ok so about a week ago i started a thread about if i should buy the bleu nuit cles. i took the plunge today and finally purchased it :yahoo:. i am feeling a little guilty about it even though i know i can pay it off on my card before it collects interest and even if worst comes to worst i could transfer a little savings to pay my card off (i have more than enough in my savings that this will not be detrimental to me :graucho:) did i make the right decision?? i mean i could not stop thinking about it! help me lol
  2. I think you made the right decision. You're probably just a bit nervous. Enjoy your new purchase!!!
  3. Congrats, but you shouldn't feel guilty about it... Maybe buyer's remorse?
  4. I think you should keep it for a few days, and if you are STILL feeling guilty, then you should return it. Since you are still so young it really isn't a big deal if you take some money out of savings to pay for it, the fact that you have any savings at all is very impressive. I didn't have any savings at all until after i graduated college and got a job.
  5. thanks i appreciate that. i've been pretty responsible throughout my whole childhood pretty much with money. :biggrin: i don't like to take advantage of people and only ask for financial help from my parents or family as like a LAST RESORT
  6. i'm just bumping my thread because for some reason every thread i start gets ignored or only 1-2 people reply. to those that did reply, i appreciate it.
  7. Aw that's not true. I saw a few of your threads and they definitely have more than 1-2 replies. http://forum.purseblog.com/louis-vuitton/i-am-so-torn-this-such-tough-decision-629416.html

    Not everyone have to reply to all threads. It's nothing against you. ;)

    If you already bought it, love it and can afford it, enjoy it! Post pics for us to drool.:graucho:
  8. If you love it, you should keep it. That said, however, I'm not a big advocate of spending more than you really feel comfortable with on an accessory, handbag or any material item for that matter...
  9. Enjoy your money by buying things that makes you happy, that's what it's all about right?? You are worthed and deserve things you buy with your own money, no need to feel guilty about it. Relax.....;)
  10. I totally know how you feel! I've been wanting a vernis cles but just can't get myself to buy one (for me I'd rather put the money towards a purse or larger accessory, etc)

    But you couldn't stop thinking about it, and you know you can pay it off so I think it wasn't a bad move at all. I agree with HeavenAF, give it a couple days then return if need be.

    Congrats on your new LV baby!
  11. I say, keep it and enjoy! Sometimes, we have to splurge a little. :smile:
  12. You have been interested in it and considering buying it for a while so now you have it enjoy it!!
  13. thank you everybody and Lee i appreciate the kind words. it's just i feel like this is the only place where people understand my love for LV so i hate posting something for advice and getting little response (with the exception of that one thread) because then i feel like omg what do i do?! lol
  14. keep it girl, and stop feeling guilty!
  15. What a beautiful color! Enjoy it, cherish it and have fun! Don't worry...sounds like you have a great plan.