I need some enabling...

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  1. Today, at the outlets, I picked up the berry patent multi-function tote. For a killer price. Tell me it isn't too massive for a big-purse girl. Please?
  2. Can you post a photo??? I can enable better when I know what the bag looks like!
  3. Need to see pictures!!


    Lynne :biggrin:
  4. Pics please! Some people are visual learners, I am a visual enabler!:P
  5. :roflmfao:

    Okay, visual enablers, here you go...


  6. If u are a person that carrys large bags - it will be perfect -
  7. Hooraaaay! Thank you for easing the sting!
  8. Massive, No not at all. It looks small to me but I like large bags.

  9. That's kinda what I was thinking.

  10. I love that I can fit EVERYTHING in it, and carry it in the rain! I'm giddy with this one!

  11. Definitely not too massive! It's gorgeous and it's pink so I would say that's a keeper!
  12. Definitely a keeper! Use it with pride! :smile:
  13. It's perfect! :0)
  14. Perfect bag and love the color. By no means would this be too big! Congrats and enjoy her!!!!
  15. congrats! its always better to have a bag that can carry it all rather than a bag that you cant fit what you might need. Hows the zipper on that bag? is it a full zipper or half? OH and i love the patent leather!! the color is gorgeous too! :woohoo: