I need some enable-ing....

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  1. I have been wanting a roadie bag, and spotted this beauty

    Steel Roadie! Should I get it or not get it..
    Rebecca Minkoff 'Roadie' Studded Crossbody Bag - - Nordstrom

    I love the silver studds.. but a little unsure how steel looks on roadie.. I think I am used to seeing the black one a little more..
  2. heck yeah! that bag is gorgey!!! I still like roadie in lavender the best though!!! Steel looks AMAZING on roadie though!!!
  3. The Steel Roadie is stunning! I also think that the Roadie looks the best in lavender. Let us know what you decide!
  4. you need to get this bag so I can see mod shots!!!:P
  5. I like the bag, but not feeling the price!
  6. If you have to have silver studs, I think lavender looks much better (contrast and color combo). The steel bag as a whole is very silver but if it'll work with your wardrobe, then go for it.
  7. I wasn't too interested in the Roadie until I saw it in steel. I think it looks great because the metallic leather makes it more monochromatic (which I like). I've only seen the Roadie in almond IRL and didn't care for it in almond.
  8. Love it!!! BUT I'd wait for a sale, code, deal....
  9. I think it looks neat as..! I love it!
  10. Steel is very pretty in the pic!!

    I've seen and touched the Steel leather IRL and I thought it was pretty stiff though.

    The Black Roadie I have is really soft and smooshy. I think it really makes a difference in how this bag hangs on me. :yes:
    (I've not seen lavender IRL)
  11. I like the Steel!!! But I think I would choose Lavender over Steel.
  12. I probably would choose lavender over steel too! But i LOVEEE the steel! This roadie is awesome, i never knew it existed! maybe you can get a lavender roadie, and a steel rocker :P
  13. My favorite Roadie is the BLACK!

  14. ITA!!!:yes:
  15. This is the nicest colour Roadie, IMO. It's stunning! And tho I haven't seen it IRL, the stell looks understated enough to me to use on a big bag. GORGEOUS!