I need some comforting from my fellow PFers

  1. someone else bought the Sandstone GH Work that I was gona get! :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:! just when I had my heart set on it it's gone! just my luck!

    now I REALLY REALLY NEED a Sandstone Work GH! just as I was getting soooo excited about getting it!

    anyone know if other stores have any left???
  2. sorry babe, i am also looking around for it but i'm trying to be calmer nowadays about my purchases. cheer up, it will turn up.
  3. Poor you! I'm sure if you're meant to be she'll turn up somewhere!! :smile:

    Good luck!!
  4. I'm sorry to hear of you missing out on your bag, but think of all the money you saved! It may turn up again somewhere.
  5. Hey Ali, same here. I was eyeing on a Sandstone Day but now they're all sold out. Then, I started to move on with Mastic/Oatmeal Day. I like that color but still, my heart belongs to SS. So I hold on to that Mastic & hoping that that one day my SS baby will pop up... Don't give up! Keep looking patiently.
  6. So sorry to hear about the Bal that got away:sad:

    Don't give up hope. One may turn up somewhere. Will keep an eye open over on this side of the pond for you.:smile:
  7. Oh nooooooooooo :sad: I'll keep an eye out for you ;)
  8. :sad: Sorry to hear.