I need some advice

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  1. I just bought a Mulberry Bayswater from a trusted Swedish auction house.
    When i took it out of the bag at home something felt wrong.
    I got it authenticated here as "definitely fake". I went back to the auction house and made a claim that the bag is fake.
    After reading up on internet, visiting Mulberry store, borrowing a friends Mulberry Bayswater I am about 90% sure myself that the bag is not the real deal, and i have a feeling of which parts that show its a fake.

    Today i got a call from the lady that is responsible for authenticating and valuating fashion at the auction house and she told me a bit smugged that the bag is a real Mulberry. And she told me that she took it to a "contact" that been working with Mulberry bags for 20 years.

    Of course they have "everything" to loose if the bag is fake, and they have a conflict of interest. They have no interest in proving its a fake, but all interest to prove is not. I as a customer claim its fake, they are really sure its not and try to assure me that their "contact" is the real deal. They havent really given any evidence or given it to a impartial authenticator.

    My boyfriend called back to get the name of that lady and to ask for a authentication certificate. We hope she calls back tomorrow since she didnt answer her phone.

    If they dont want to accept its a fake. What more can i do to prove it? Go to a Mulberry store? Is there any good websites or persons i can contact for help?
    Anyone else here that has the same experience?

    I dont want to have the bag, i just want to get rid of it. I got if for a good price so i can re-sell it online. But i dont want to re-sell a fake bag, and i want to prove them im right. Im a bit frustrated right now and feel like that representative has all the power. I dont know what to do!

  2. Sorry to hear this, I'd send them a link to the post where kriscat has deemed it to be fake in addition to kerplunks suggestion - may change their mind and accept the bag back sooner than later

    Under consumer contracts regulations (distance selling rules), don't they have to take it back? Not sure about Sweden, but pretty sure a business in the uk would have to take it back

    Did you pay by PayPal or credit card?

    Good luck
  3. You can take it into store and most of the time they won't authenticate unless they know you and are a long term mulberry employee but they can send it off to Mulberry repairs in Somerset. Repairs will send you a letter saying it is counterfeit if it is fake and then you get the bag back. It works out as a free service if you don't actually get anything repaired. Just make up that you want a quote for new handles or something and they will either come back with a quote or they will tell you it is fake. If you get a quote the great he bag is real, just tell them it's too expensive and they will post the bag back to you.

    I wouldn't trust anyone but actual Mulberry to authenticate especially just over photos. Mistakes are made, even by the authenticate this thread on this website.
  4. Dangerous..mulberry have destroyed fakes before!! Involve the police it is an offence to sell counterfeit goods but obtain a certificate of authenticity.or not from a reputable firm such as authenticate4u

  5. As far as I'm aware they hold them for a year before destroying them, when people are too embarrassed to pick them up. At least two of the London stores have big boxes of fakes waiting to be collected by their owners.
  6. Thank you everyone for your input!

    I will take all suggestions in consideration. Sounds smart to acually send it to Mulberry for a repair. I dont really care if they keep it, then the auction house where i bought it has to reply on that fact.

    Today i have decided to get the bag from the auction house and take it to a store that sells authentic (they claim) pre-owned bags, and see how it works to sell with them and see that they think the bag is worth.
    Maybe they will catch it as fake or real, just want an answer from someone that has not a conflict of interest.
  7. Credit card. I bought it on auction online but went to the store to pick it up in person. they only have to take it back if its fake, ie the product isnt what they claimed it to be. But they claim its real so i have to go somewhere else for starters to get a second opinion.
  8. I'd let them know you will be getting a proper authentication from authenticate4U and if it's proved to be a fake you expect the least they can do is pay for the authentication. Hopefully they will just have the good sense to take it back immediately. authenticate4u valuations are more expensive when a written statement is required, £30 for UK so I'd make sure you get them to pay, why should you after all.

    I definitely wouldn't send it to Mulberry repairs, as highly as I would recommend their repairs it does take them ages! It would probably be over a week before they even looked at it and like Elvis says, they could even confiscate as it is illegal to sell counterfeit items. It might also be worth quoting that it's an offence to sell such items.
  9. Ok. Then sending it to Mulberry would be My last choice. The biggest issue is that the auction house claims they left the bag for check up to a lady that have been working with Mulberry bags for 20 years. I dont know if i then should demand a certificate from them. They were not that willing to take it in in the first place when i claimed i thought it was fake.

    I start to get very unsure if i am right. If the person here in the forum who said its fake is right. But something isnt right with the bag.
  10. Did you put it on the "authenticate" thread on here if so I would have thought it was correct. Why not send the pictures in and ask authenticate4u for a quick opinion on their standard service, it's only £5 and we'll worth it to know for sure
  11. Oh thank you for the tip! Thought the £30 was the only choice! But to know for £5 is a bargin! And then keep the bag if real or order a written statement IF fake and go back.

    I knew this was the right place to get advice!
  12. I'm intrigued to see the bag now. Can you post some photos?
  13. How horrible! I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this. The audacity of people selling fakes. Please keep us posted, and I really hope it gets resolved without too much hassle for you!
  14. Definitely dont send it off for repairs, current lead time is 12 weeks - I think if needed, you can contact your credit card company and they can start a chargeback process off.

    Try getting it authenticated professionally in the first instance