I need some advice

  1. Here is the deal:

    I am a senior at my college, but last year I studied away at Cal State Fresno for a year. I was a cheerleader for my "home" school but then when I was gone I cheered elsewhere. This past April the Cheer Coach at my "home school" quit. The squad was...because of budget cuts the coach HAD to be a Brown student (under grad or grad).

    I applied and was offered the job. I am fully qualified to coach and I WAS really excited about it. That changed.

    A few weeks ago I emailed the captians and told them I was the new coach. Only one (out of 3) emailed me back. The other 2, my sorority sisters, just didn't respond. School starts next week, I needed to talk to the team before then, so I emailed the members that I knew of. Two responded back, nicely, but then one of my captians emailed me this totally unpersonal and harsh (frankly rude) letter saying the captians were meeting with the team and then I can meet with them....that came from my sorority sister. I emailed back asking some questions and I haven't gotten a single response.

    Frankly I am getting a lot of hostility from the team, I think they don't want me as their coach, and now I am feeling :crybaby:

    I just don't know what to do... :crybaby:
  2. Being a former cheerleader, I've got to tell you I understand the b:censor: chiness. You need to call everyone for a meeting and be upfront with them. Ask them if they have a problem with you being the coach? Tell them about all the wonderful plans and ideas you have for the upcoming season. IMO if they do have a problem with you I would tell them to (in nice words since i can't really say what I want on the PF) leave and adjust their attitude or they can be replaced. You have to show them you aren't one to mess with. :yes:

    Congrats on the new job!:flowers: Goodluck!:flowers:
  3. Thank you...it's good to know your advice!!!
  4. Hey :smile: I'm a fellow East Coast college cheerleading coach (although I'm an alma mater and graduated quite some time ago). It is VERY hard when a student is also the coach. There is definitely cattiness and jealousy, and I totally feel you. As luck would have it, about 70% of my squad are also sorority girls and the claws definitely come out every now and then!

    My advice is to stick with it through at least football season. It will be hard, and the adjustment period will be awkward, but I think as you demonstrate your knowledge and leadership, you will gain the respect from your peers as their coach.

    Even though I'm 27, I still look like I'm 18, and every year when I go to tryouts, all the newbies always ask me what year I am or what I'm majoring in... haha :biggrin: It floors them to know how old I really am. But, after tryouts and as the season moves on and I gain their trust, things are A LOT easier. As I'm sure you already know, cheerleading is a huge "trust" sport and having a good "base" ;) for that will make the transition smoother.

    Best of luck to you, and if you ever need anything, feel free to PM me! Cheers!
  5. awesome...thanks!