I need some advice!


What should I do?

  1. Buy the Chanel & sell some of the others off

  2. Keep my bags & find a cheap bag for class

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  1. So I'm running low on bag funds but I really want to buy a large black cambon tote for class. Since the start of summer I have aquired 2 Balenciagas, 3 small Chanel bags, & a small Burberry bag. I was thinking since summer is over, I will be using one bag all day every weekday, should I sell off a few of my bags for the Chanel? Or is it too nice of a bag to be taking to campus? My cambon bags right now seem to be indistructable but I'm still a little worried. My thinking is, should a nice Chanel bag I carry everyday (I'm on campus for 8am-8pm) & then maybe keep 1 or 2 for the weekends, since I will be carring that one bag 90% of the time? Or should I keep my bags now & get a cheap bag for school? I would love to hear what some of you think!!
  2. do you have picts? i would keep a bag or two you could use for evenings, and get a really nice everyday bag, since it is for everyday, might as well have something really nice to look at!
  3. I would sell the Burberry and one of the Balenciaga to get the Chanel. :yes:

    If you are going to buy a bag, might as well put your money into something you really love and will use for a long time, not a cheap bag that "will do for now" as that is wasting money.
  4. I don't have pix on this computer, but the bags I have right now are:
    small chanel pink/black cambon tote
    brown/beige chanel cambon pochette
    apple green balenciaga first
    05 turq balenciaga mini twiggy
    burberry nova check pochette
    white coach hampton hobo
  5. I second this.
  6. I'm not sure how tight your funds are... for me, I'd sell one of your bbags, for sure the Burberry pochette, and maybe even the Coach hampton.

    The only thing with Chanel is that any of the bags that would be big enough for school will cost around $1500. When I was in undergrad, there is no way I wouldn't have been able to fit my books in a Chanel tote, but IDK what your major is.

    If you do go with Chanel, there are some great totes out there, and anything in Caviar or a thicker leather like the Cerf should be durable.

    The other option I'd consider actually is a bigger Bbag - I use the City for work and it's perfect, and would work for school since it has a shoulder strap. The new Part-Time might work as well if you have more books.
  7. I don't usually carry too many books around, so I was thinking of getting the large cambon tote to carry some notebooks in. I was thinking of using a city bbag but it wont fit a regular sized notebook, so this is how I narrowed it down to this bag!
  8. Thanks so much everyone for your thoughts! I took your advice & found a new black/black cambon large tote that had just been listed on ebay for a few hunred dollars off! Very excited to recieve it! Now I must concentrate on the sad part: letting some bags go to make some money...

    i whole heartedly support this decision -cuz i'm going to snatch up my black on black large tote before school starts in oct!!

    even though you'll have to part with some bags... i guarantee you wont be dissapointed!! i was looking at it a couple weeks ago, and its the PERFECT school bag -just right for a couple notebooks and a small laptop!... the bonus is that its not too large, and it can be zippered closed, so you could also take the school stuff out and use it as a casual weekend bag if you wanted

    good luck!! keep us posted on what happens...!
  10. Yay that was my thinking! I have a little mac powerbook so I think it will be great for school & going out! I love it because you all understand my train of thought! I'm glad you are getting one too! How fun! I can't wait for it to get here!
  11. omg, i have the 12" powerbook as well... and that was the first thing i thought of carrying to school in the tote!! i cant wait for you to get your bag too!! lol
  12. I would sell the Coach and Burberry and buy the Chanel.:yes: