I need some advice with regard to my Electric Blue Mahala....

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  1. Okay - so I never had a JC bag until this summer and I have jumped in with both feet! :woohoo:Love the choo bags.... I absolutely love the Mahala! I have two; :shame: liquid patent cognac and electric blue. (Also have a Ruse which started the whole obsession!) I was in a dilema earlier about which to keep, and my wise friends here suggested I keep both - the enablers you are! (Which of course I too am guilty of...) Grateful I am that I did keep both because I have really enjoyed them. Anyway - I have been using my blue and get compliments on it every where I go; but do you guys think it will still be as coveted a color come next spring/summer? I of course, am lusting after something from the Cruise collection, but wouldn't be able to get it without making a sacrafice. Do you think it is something I should hold on too, or do you see it as a bit of a trendy "of the moment" kind of bag? As always - I turn to you guys for some much needed input! Thanks in advance... :flowers:
  2. ilove2shop - OK, what from the Cruise line has your name on it???

    I would have a tough time giving up an electric blue Mahala. :nogood: I have that one in a Maddy, the color is :drool: .

    Blue does not seem a trendy color, like orange or yellow. IMHO, blue will always be a color that is worn. So, I cannot advise you to give it up.
  3. ^^
    Well.... I am really an earthtone girl at heart and I think I am smitten (so you might not be the only 'granny' here when I use words like smitten:lol:) with a new mahala color called "Sand Shiny Calf Leather". My SA just sent me a photo this evening and its screaming my name! I absolutely love it, but I know I am not alone when I say I really can't get another without giving up something I already have. (plus... I am embarrassed to say there might be another big purchase in the near future for me:shrugs: :shame:smile: There is just no way I can have them all.
  4. That's one reason I didn't keep the blue bags (Marin & Ramona) I had. I thought if I wanted to get the most for my Marin...I better well it while it was still hot! But like Jburgh says, this color bag will probably always be hot!
  5. ilove2shop, quite a dilemma. The Electric Blue is so cool, definitely a keeper, but then again, Sand Mahala....If there's a Sand Maddy, that will probably be my next purchase.
  6. The electric blue is nice, but There are some gorgeous new colors and styles coming out - I'd sell it.

    ...check out the thread Robyn posted of some of the new styles. There's some beauties in there:nuts:
  7. personally its up to your style and the clothes you wear! but i definetely think it isnt as long lasting a colour as a neutral..
  8. Hey, U sure u want to sell off your Electric Blue???!! I'm lusting over it and still am! :nuts:Though the new cruise collection is round the corner but I have a thing for any bags that's blue and purple now. In fact I'm thinking of ordering the purple but if u r seriously letting go, I am seriously getting yours!:yahoo:
  9. I too have the electric blue Mahala and will not be selling mine--ever! I love this bag; it makes me feel special everytime I take it out. And part of what makes it special is the vibrance of the color. I shop at J.Crew and I don't wear jewelry (I know, I know...just don't like it); this bag is my accessory and gives my look that extra pop. I don't care what other people think regarding in style/out of style. This bag will stay on my arm for years to come. As far as non-neutral colors go I think you are safe with blue, red, and aubergine.
  10. I have the EB mahala as well and I'm still madly in love with it! I think that the color will still look fresh in the S/S since other designers are heavily featuring this bright blue in their collection. For example, Balenciaga has an electric blue color in the S/S bag collection, which suggests the color is still very current.
  11. What I think you should do is send the blue mahala to me. :P
  12. I would keep the electric blue- I'm dying for one that color!
  13. I wanted to mention something regarding the staying power of bright blue bags. This Cruise season, there is a Neon Blue liquid patent Choo coming out. And, Balenciaga just came out with an electric blue chevre leather. So, I'd keep it! and I'd keep the Cognac LP, too.
  14. hehe I was thinking this same thing!
  15. Hey Wait........ I thought I was first in line:roflmfao::roflmfao: