I need some advice...ring shopping

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  1. My boyfriend and I have started searching for engagement rings. I would absolutley love a 1.5 - 2.0 carat ring. I've heard that the cut is the most important so I will be looking for an excellent cut. My question is, what is the next most important feature clarity or color. I was limiting myself to H-I color and VS1-VS2 clarity. I would love to keep costs between the $6000-$8000 range. Can anyone help me out? Is SI1 just as good as VS2? Pics are appreciated. TIA!
  2. Carat weight: 1.53pics.bluenile.com/assets/images/item/item_pxlclear.gifCut: Idealpics.bluenile.com/assets/images/item/item_pxlclear.gifColor: Ipics.bluenile.com/assets/images/item/item_pxlclear.gifClarity: VS2

    is this a good price - $8066.
  3. sorry - that looks messy -

    Carat - 1.53
    Cut - ideal
    color - I
    clarity - vs2
  4. That's a GREAT price

    I paid a little over twice than that for my stone


    very good cut
    VS1 clarity (I think)
    color F

    I'd TOTALLY get that, and you are right. I had NO idea about diamonds and now I realise cut is over anything else and color doesn't really matter as in fact, I love warmer colors more than colorless diamonds :smile:

    HTH :heart:
  5. thank youuu!!!!!
  6. I personally would be searching for IDEAL cut in the H-I color in SI1 clarity in that price range. Your eyes will not see the difference between a VS1, VS2 or an SI1 in a quality stone.
  7. thank you. i feel like cut and size are the two most important... i was scard to go to SI1 clarity but its prob. just the same as VS1
  8. w/ the naked eye you should NOT be able to see any flaws in a true SI1.
  9. I have a 1.4 carat h that is either a VS2 or an SI, I have had it appraised twice and one appraiser said VS2, the other SI (no certificate, it is an heirloom that was cut in the 1940s) and it is totally eye clean, even with a loupe it is very difficult to see anything in it.
  10. ok this might be a dumb question- but is ideal a type of cut? like different from a princess cut or a cushion cut? i'm so confused...
  11. no, ideal is what GIA {I think it is} uses to grade a perfect/nearly perfect/symmetrical cut. It usually refers to a round.
    Each certification house uses their own system - IDEAL, Hearts & Arrows, Excellent. . . .
    are are completely acceptable. If you can help it, I wouldn't even drop down a level to very good when it comes to cut.
  12. Call white flash. If you tell them your price range and explain what is important to you they will go through their stock and explain your choices over the phone. I'd say that's one of your best options. I did manage to find my diamond at a local store for a great price, but I think I totally lucked out. It's 1.57 VVS1 I with an ideal cut. It was in the middle of your price range, and that was a few years ago when diamond prices where higher. I think some SI1's are perfectly fine...it just depends on the location and size of the inclusion. Personally I would have rather had an inclusion in mine so that I could always know it's my diamond.
  13. i would also lower to the si1 range, but check where the inclusions are. very good cuts should be fine, and h-i is usually fine - keep in mind that if u get any side stones, they should be the same color so that the stone does not appear yellow next to them. i'm not sure about ur wanted price range for the size of the stone u want. do u know what shape u want? each shape has a particular set of measurements that equal a better cut, but i think the only one that has a true mathematical ideal is a round. the other shapes dimensions seem to have differing opinions on what makes an ideal cut. definitely go and try some rings on so u can start getting an idea - good luck!
  14. thank you! I def. want a round shape. I hestitate to buy online just because I cannot see it. We are going to visit our local jewlery exchange this weekend. I'm glad I did my homework before.
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    The only true ideal cut diamonds are those graded by AGS. If you want an ideal stone, AGS 0 is what you'll be looking for. If the diamond is graded by GIA, look for an excellent. Since I am a "cut nut," the most important attribute for me is that the stone have the best grade possible for cut. This will have the most effect on the sparkle of the diamond. For me, the next attributes are color, size, and clarity. We all have our own priorities. I also prefer a H&A diamond. To get a really well cut stone, in your price range, I would say your looking more in the 1 carat range. Compromises will have to be made to get you much larger in size. Be sure that any sale is contingent upon an evaluation by an independent appraiser. That means an appraiser that doesn't work for the jeweler and doesn't sell jewelry. That way you will know if you are getting a good diamond for the money. Good luck and be sure to post pics!