I need some advice on this Tiffany ring and situation please

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  1. I bought this Tiffany soleste ring for a friends 25th birthday. We are just friends and have been since elementary school and I really like her, more than a friend! We are both the same age. Anyway, I want to know if this was a good choice for a ring for her age and the occasion. I don't want To scare her and make it seem engagement ring like! But I thought the ring was pretty. Any advice helps. Women give great advice on this kind of stuff, and if it's not a good choice feel free to direct me in the right direction! Thanks.

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  2. what types of gifts have you exchanged in the past?
  3. Does she feel the same way about you? It's really beautiful
  4. Anything from a little blue box she will love. The ring is gorgeous and very generous. It does read a little engagement as that style is similar in their diamond engagement collection. You have known her for years and if you think she will love that is all that matters. The other option would be to giver her a necklace or earrings instead. Good luck.
  5. I don't see engagement ring at all, the fact that it's colored gemstone says right hand ring to me. I think if she likes purple she'll love it!!! Hope you tell her how you feel if she doesn't know.
  6. I love these rings and would wear it as a special occasion ring. It's a brilliant gift and if it's normal to what you usually exchange there's nothing up. If she feels it's too much she can always exchange it

    I'd use it as a way to tell her how you feel.
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    I'm not sure tbh, she really doesn't show it at all. The last time I tried to tell her in a rather horribly failed attempt, she started laughing in my face ( as if it was the biggest joke lol) and said you're so cute and silly and walked off with her girlfriends.

  8. She really doesn't buy me anything at all, hahaha :P I've given her jewelry before and flowers and sometimes gift cards. But sometimes people just don't get the hint, do they!?!
  9. They do but you need to show more & be more patience !!! Good luck !! Love the person love u not the person u love. You will be happy.
  10. The ring is beautiful, and doesn't really say engagement to me. However, if this is a serious departure from other types of gifts you've given, you may want to think a little more about whether you want to give this gift. If you have already gifted her with things of this caliber, then that's a different story and you won't necessarily be laying your heart on the line with this one.
  11. ita!
  12. add me as a 3rd.
  13. +4
  14. As someone who has a guy friend like this and who does gift me things, although not of this caliber, it would make me really uncomfortable but that's just me as I don't like feeling like I'm passively leading him on by allowing him to buy me nice gifts (that should be going to his gfs when he's dating someone).

    Ultimately you know the relationship more than any of us and your comfort level with giving a gift such as this, so if you deem it to be appropriate and you are okay with it then I say go for it (it does not look like an Ering to me either). I just wanted to throw in that you may want to really think about how comfortable she would be with receiving a gift like this.

    I wish you all the best and if you decide to give it to her, let us know how she likes it (and modeling shots of it if possible, of course)!
  15. Thank you for making me feel more nervous :P j/k. Modeling shots? Definitely! She would love to show it off.

    I just hope she doesn't think I'm trying too hard or just plain weird! If I don't care and ignore someone, I'm labeled a jerk. If we try as guys, we somehow come off as desperate. Like really, what is a guy to do!
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