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  1. Ok I posted this in the Burberry thread but nobody is in the freekin Burberry thread! I recieved my pink check Burberry tote today and I love it except I have one concern. It says on the Burberry website that the handles and trim are leather. I swear I do not think the handles are real leather. They are cracking and it makes the bag look fake! I called Burberry and she swore to me that they are leather. I don't know what to believe. What should I do??? I need opinions.:crybaby:
  2. If you are not 100% happy with it, send it back:heart:
  3. I agree with Rose, if you don't love it, return it! I am sorry I can not be of muc help!
  4. I really do love it I just don't want handles that are not real leather when they swear they are!
  5. Return it and get another one sent over (in case you got sent a returned 'fake' by mistake). If the handles are really not meant to be leather there is not much to do apart from accepting the bag as is and living with it. I don't think Burberry does 'special orders', but it's worth finding out if you really love the style and want it made with leather handles.
  6. Has anyone else purchased from Burberry's site and had the same problem?
  7. Oops, we don't allow any duplicate threads.
Thread Status:
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