I need some advice, my pup likes to mark his territory

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I am really tired and I don't know what to do...a neighbour (in the same apartment) has made a big fuss and insulted my precious baby. I am very upset and I am just so...heart broken because he was such an a-hole (he doesn't have to like my dog but blaming & insulting my puppy is just wrong; plus I was cleaning it up after him before he even got to the scene).

    I've got 2 boys...they are aware not to mark their territory inside the houses but as soon as he's out the door...they become little devils. I've tried to stop him, give him a little push on the bum, talk to him in a firm voice...but it hasn't been successful...
    They are both not fixed because I don't want to alter my dog...but is neuturing him the only option? Please do share your experiences with me...Thank-you. :heart:What else can I do...to fix this problem?
  2. Do you mean your dogs like to sniff and pee a lot in certain places? I think that's normal.
  3. Is the problem that they are marking in the common areas of the apartment building, like a hallway? If so, just carry them until you're out the door to an area where they can relieve themselves. If I've misunderstood, I'm sorry!
  4. I don't understand - your dogs are peeing in the hallway of your apartment? If I was your neighbor I would be angry too...it sounds like your dogs are doing this on a routine basis and even if you clean it up, it's still incredibly unsanitary. You need to train them that it's not OK for them to pee indoors...you should keep them on a leash until they get outside and if they start to go, pull firmly on the leash, say NO in a firm voice, and then take them immediately outside. Once they're in the back, let them go and praise them with treats when they go to the bathroom. If you live in an apartment building, it's really important that you train your dogs so that they aren't a burden to other people. Not everyone loves animals and is going to be so forgiving when they make a mess in a communal space.

    Also, why are you not neutering your dogs? This could cause major health problems for them down the line...
  5. Dogs mark their territory - and fixing them sometimes doesn't help. One of mine still marked after being fixed. He only does it outside now for the most part but it took a LOT of training. Funny my other male I've had no problem with marking inside. He is also fixed.

    If you're dogs are just doing it outside then I see that as no big deal & your neighbor should just get over it.
  6. I seriously suggest getting your dogs neutered. Unless you don't want to pay for it, there really is no reason NOT to have the procedure done (outside of breeding more dogs in a world that kills the overpopulation of them regularly).

    Bottom line - getting your dogs neutered will only do good things. It's a simple operation that (if not fixing the pee situation) will at least help stop cancers and other potential health issues in the future.
  7. Thanks for your responses.

    As I mentioned, I am not ready to have them neutered and I know they say their are health consequences if their not neutered but its a decision the dog owner should make.

    Only one of them does it sometimes (indoor) which concerns me... Again its not something he always does but I know thats not fair to the neighbours so thats why I am asking for suggestions or owners whose had similar experiences...what are my options of getting this problem solved?

    I've asked our vet, he said neuturing may not even solve the problem...so I would love to know if that infact has solved the problem for some?
  8. Kbell: thanks for the response. thats why i am hestistant on neuturing them...if it solves the problem and its healthier for them down the road...

    What age did you fix yours?
  9. I will def. try to carry them out and leash him more often..
  10. I have had many dogs, mostly male. IME, if I neutered them no later than about 2 years old, they stopped marking, but there is never any guarantee. I have one guy I neutered at 6 years, with no cessation of the behavior. He wears a "belly band" with a Poise pad liner in it around the offending part while he is in the house.
  11. My dog is neutered, but he still marks his territory. Mostly outdoors, but sometimes indoors too :cursing:
  12. Chessmont: Oooh thank-you...guess the little boy (hes almost 2) has a chance?!!
    Okay....we will def. talk to the vet about this. May I ask.... if you notice a difference in the male dogs behavior after their neutered? And how was the 6 year old's behavior after fixin?

    Haha..mine wore belly bands with "heavy pads or sometimes baby diapers!" haha... around the house too! (esp. when we first moved to a new place)!!!
  13. Sigh...what do we do? yes...I'm afraid to bring him over to friends place (unless hes got a leash).... not too fun for the dogs either!
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