I need some advice-I'm going to Vegas

  1. At the end of May I am going to Las Vegas for the first time with my husband. SO my questions are-What LV's should I bring and what should I buy when I get there. My collection includes speedy 30 mono, montsouris backpack, white MC trouville, black MC noe, deauville, panda pouchette, and a pouchette florentine with belt. What better souvenier to get in Las Vegas than a LV right? So, what do you all recommend? I already have a groom cles and MC agenda. I am supposed to be on a purse ban but I may have to bend the rules a bit. Any suggestions? Thanks
  2. I would take your speedy forsure. wow vegas has awesome shopping. I would say buy a keepall, so great as carry on.
  3. Clearly you need something vernis. :graucho:
  4. ooohhhh ok if you are obsessed like I am you will hit several of the stores in a day or two hee hee!! I went to the shop at Caesar's, Fashion show mall, and the one in the Wynn. They were very nice to me at all three. This was back in August. Don't know what Fashion show is like now, but there wasn't a lot of merchandise in that one. The Wynn and Caesar's had much more to choose from.

    I would carry your speedy, but the other bags depend on where you will be going, how fancy, what you'll be wearing. I personally love the MC white trouville, but I have to plan my travel wardrobe around it so I don't look silly. Have fun!!!

    Get what you fall in love with. Do you like the denim line??
  5. I just have this feeling you should try and get an azur keepall!
    have a great time!!!
  6. haha I agree! :biggrin: You can bring 1-2 bags with ya, then come back using the azur keepall to hold another 5 more bags in it! :graucho:
  7. Nice idea about the keepall! Not sure I can afford something that big though. Maybe something a little bit smaller like an accessory. Anyone know when is the new vernis color coming out?
  8. Get the pomme vernis :smile:
  9. I'd bring the speedy for day and a pochette for night. You should get something azur while you're out there. Have fun in Vegas!!
  10. I think you should bring the noe or backpack with one of your pochettes. I like LV at Caesar's the best. The amarante inclusions come out in June, probably little after the time you're there. Not sure about the bags/accessories I don't think until fall others said. For small accessories, maybe get a wapity or mini pochette while you're there.
  11. cool! i'm going to vegas around the last week of may also!! i suggest you bring the speedy and or backpack and comfy pair of shoes. lots of walking in vegas! i'm planning to bring my speedy and BH.
  12. I would bring the MC trouville. There no better time to be flashy and glamorous than in Vegas!
  13. I'd bring the White MC Trouville! That's such a cute bag!
  14. id bring the mc noe!
    also. i think you need pomme!
  15. I would take your speedy and get a littel something from the pomme.