I need some advice from the Chanel experts

  1. I'm trying to decide whether to get a medium or a jumbo classic flap in black. Here is where my confusion comes in. I've tried looking around in the threads but there are so many and I can't seem to find all the info I'm looking for. So... how much is a medium lambskin flap? and it will be raised about 20% after the price increase? I realize a lot of you are avid Chanel fans and probably shop at the store but would it be better to buy it now before the price increase or wait around and see if one pops up on eBay for a decent price?

    This is the Chanel I've always wanted and I'm kicking myself because I bought 2 wallets recently and I could have put that money towards my flap. :sad: I just didn't expect the prices to jump up so high so I was going to wait it out. I don't want to end up spending more money on this bag than I should. And is this a bag that I should be able to get fairly easily?
  2. If I am not wrong, I heard the price increase is today, 1 Nov, in the states.
    Sorry, can't help on the prices, they are posted somewhere, hopefully some other members can help you.
  3. I'm in the US so whew. I have a month to get this. I wish they'd hold off on this price increase for about 5 years!
  4. Ooooops...major mistake, Dolce, I must be half asleep already (here in HK :p)...it's only 1 Oct here.. sorry for the confusion...
  5. Ohh I thought you meant that other countries had their price increases a month ahead! haha I was worried for a second. :p
  6. If you are able to get it now, I would if I were you. If you are looking for an everyday bag, I would get the Jumbo because it's roomier than the medium. =)
  7. If you want black, then I say buy it now and go for jumbo.
  8. The jumbo is $2200? And you guys don't think I should bother with eBay?
  9. jumbo jumbo! everyone's getting it!

    20% price increase only happens to the classic flaps!

  10. The medium flap over in lambskin in $2150...the jumbo classic is $2250...the increase at Neiman Marcus will be sometime in November, not necessarily the 1st. Also, the classics come in three different chains this season...gold with leather running through it, silver hardware with leather running through it, and then a flat silver hardware with no hardware...and the strap is a little bit longer with the flat silver hardware. The medium classic has more compartments to it, eventhough it is a significantly smaller bag than the jumbo.
  11. ^ eBay isn't a very safe place to purchase, but you can always get us to authenticate. i'm not sure about you but i'd rather buy straight from the boutiques if they have it, otherwise ebay's my last resort.

  12. lyndsey: what do you mean? which chain is longer than the other? you mean the bijoux? i just need to be sure if i got you correctly. xo
  13. the one that doesn't have the leather running through the chain...the new silver chain
  14. Yes, some other members did mention that the new chain (bijoux) is longer than the Classic chain on Jumbos.
  15. Oh I didn't know about the new chains. I wanted the silver woven with the leather. It's a little silly but the reason that draws me to the medium is because I love the inside compartments but the jumbo size is really more practical for me.