I need skin care help!

  1. I hope this forum lives up to its name, because I need some professional help! I'm at my wits end trying to select anti-aging products to use and need some guidance. What is actually effective at getting rid of crows feet, bags, and wrinkles!?
  2. hm... no anti-aging product will actually get rid of crows feet, bags, and wrinkles. The best they will do is prevent those things from getting worse. I like anti-aging products from La Prairie, Natura Bisse, and Chanel.
  3. What kind of skin type do you have? And how old are you? Provide us with some of your details..
  4. I'd look into Jan Marini products. They get great reviews. I just bought the travel kit (which is like a sampler) to try them out. Their most popular is Bioclear lotion or cream which contains glycolic, salicylic and azaleic acids.
  5. Murad has a product called Intensive Wrinkle Reducer, which is a peptide based skin treatment. They don't promise to get rid of wrinkles and crow's feet, but they do guarantee significant improvement on your skin. They have clinical studies that back their claims. My mom uses it and she loves it. She is in her 50s and has dry skin.
  6. Something with glycolic acid, perhaps, as an ingredient is good for antiaging.
  7. I would book an appointment for a facial and let the professional give you suggestions. There are so many products and going to the cosmetic counters is just overwhelming sometimes. With a skin care professional, you would not be sucked into one brand. Good luck and let us know what you decide!!
  8. Keihl's has a product labeled for eye wrinkles, but it appears to reduce the appearance of other wrinkles on my face too. It has vit. C in it. I'm using a large sample now and liking how it works.