I need shoes!!!

  1. So I am getting Married March 8th! I am posting pictures of my dress for you to see, a nontraditional wedding.

    I am looking for a cute pair of shoes I can wear. Maybe silver or black??? Nothing to expensive, under $100.00 if possible!

    Thanks for the help!!!
    dress 1.jpg dress 2.jpg
  2. http://www.zappos.com/n/p/dp/35362007/c/141929.html

    I'd choose silver over black for your wedding... I'm wearing a black and white wedding dress (white, full floor length skirt) with black around the top, at the bottom and a black corset lace-up in back. I'm wearing my silver SATC Manolos with it.

  3. thanks!!!! i really like the jessica simpson shoes...both are really cute!
  4. I have some really cute Guess silvers - really soft leather, strappy, peep toe, sling back. But I couldn't find them online! Grrr.

    I thought the Jessica Simpsons were cute too!
  5. i really like the 2nd pair of jessica simpsons you posted! im gonna check aldo too at the mall and see if they have anything!
  6. That's what I thought when I bought my first silver shoes. But you know what? They're amazingly neutral! I think I have 4 pairs now and I wear them a lot!
  7. Silver definately - make sure you can stand in them for a long time. My favorite shoes ever are silver sandals w/ kitten heels (my only Choos) - I won't even check them in my luggage -they always go in carryon if I take them.