I need serious help or support!

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    So a few weeks i ordered a Damier Brazza from Saks Pittsburgh along with some other clothes etc. Well once everything came i looked at everything and made a return INCLUDING the wallet, i just wasnt feeling it. So i get my Saks bill and the clothes were returned but not the wallet. So I called my longtime SA at Saks ( who is in the Men's Dept. ) and he said "oh my gosh I went through that ENTIRE BOX and the wallet, box, and shopping bag were not in there!" So wth do i do now!?!! i SWEAR i put it in the return box w/ the receipt. Has this happened to anyone, who do i call or what do i do?! Your advice is GREATLY appreciated.
  2. that's crazy. Oh my gosh!
  3. Oh my goodness, this is crazy. How did you send it? Did you send it insured? Or by Fedex? Maybe they could check the weight of the box shipped?
  4. Fedex
  5. ~Oh No:sad:.. I hope you sent it insured. You need to contact the Fedex right away and let them know what had happened. Good luck!!~
  6. OMG thats awlful. Could anybody have got to the package when it arrived at saks before your normal SA unpacked it?
  7. he says not but this WHOLE thing is dodgy
  8. If it was FedEx and it is insured I would file a claim and look into things at Saks. Talk to a manager etc I wouldn't let anyone get away with this.
  9. yeah i agree , i dont want to shell out 500 dollars for absolutely nothing it wouldve been much easier to roll a couple bens and put them in my garbage can
  10. Hopefully you insured it for the value of the amount you returned and they will look at that! Did you make a copy of the receipt?
    Wow... this is a lesson to all of us who return things! I know you are sick until it gets resolved! I have some returns in transit now, so it could happen to any of us, i guess.
    Please, let us know what happens.
  11. I would call the store manager right away and explain the situation. Also, file a claim with Fedex. Tell the manager that you have all the shipping info and proof that is required and that it is going to be investigated and although you'd hate to think of employee pilferage, but if that is the case then you will want to prosecute to the full extent. That way the manager thinks you know what your talking about and will get nervous and hopefully do something about it. Good luck!!
  12. Did you get insurance? You need to file a claim with FedEx....otherwise it's your word against Saks.
  13. i know this happened a lot in New York state with cellphones from service providers to end users.

    good luck.
  14. Poor you, now you get to worry about it until it's resolved. I hope it works out okay for you, it sounds like it should do if you shipped with Fedex, but you're going to just have to take a deep breath and jump through all the necessary hoops to pursue it until you get satisfaction. Good luck.