I need serious help! Hermes vs. Louis Vuitton

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Which one for a 19 year old?

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    Hermes Picotin in Blue Jean

    81 vote(s)
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    Louis Vuitton Bon Bon in Teal

    69 vote(s)
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  1. Hi all, I wasn't sure where to put this for a fair assessment, but mods please move it if I put it in the wrong place!

    Anywho, I'm trying to decide between these two bags...I'm 19 years old, about to turn 20, so I want something that is age appropriate but that I can use for a while. The first is the Hermes Picotin in blue jean - love the shape, size, everything, but I will admit that it's a little plain...and maybe too mature for me? Then there's the Louis Vuitton Bonbon in teal, which I'm waitlisted for. I know it's trendy, but honestly I don't care, I don't really pay attention to fashion trends! The Picotin is classic and will be good for many occasions, but the Bon Bon is just so much fun! So what do you guys think?

    Here are some pictures, the Picotin pics are from ebay and the BonBon is from tPFer missmadmoisellelv! I hope she doesn't mind! :shame: Thanks everyone!
    blue jean.jpg 120640212952049tealBonBonFront.jpg 120640212952049TealBonbonHandles.jpg IMG_9128.jpg
  2. My daughter is in college. If she spent that kind of money on a purse she had better make sure all of her other expenses were covered because if she came looking for money the first thing I would do is tell her to sell the bag.
  3. Hmm, I can see choosing either. Honestly, I like the LV better. You're right it is trendy but it's limited so if/when you get tired of it you can always sell it for something else. I'd go with the Bon Bon if I were you (it's a lot bigger than I thought!)
  4. I like the LV! I think it is perfect for your age. I'm 21 and I love that BonBon. What you do with your money isn't my business. Lol.. you just asked for an opinion! :smile:
  5. wow. when she was soliciting opinions on bags, i didn't realize she was also asking for off-topic, rude, judgmental commentary.

    anyway! yes, the hermes bag is more classic, but since you're so young, you should carry something fun and attention grabbing. the richard prince bags are just that. i'm loving the watercolor speedy and i'm not usually a huge lv fan.
  6. Thank you for your opinion.:smile:
  7. I had to vote for the Picotin ... classic. :yes:
    But the BonBon is really fun, too! :tup:
    Sorry, that probably doesn't help.
  8. ITA! :tup:

    Don't understand why people like to make assumption about others. Where OP gets money to buy the bag isn't anyone business especially since she didn't ask for opinion....
  9. I'm liking the Picotin, but it really reminds me of Belen Echandia's Hold Me. I'm not sure about the BonBon. Kind of looks like Barbie's bag, unless that is the look you are going for-In that case forgive me! My vote for the baby blue one!
  10. hey, neither did I! thank you, tadpolenyc & luvpurse. :flowers:
  11. LOL about Barbie!
    it's funny...there was a thread in the Hermes subforum saying the BE Hold Me looks a lot like the Picotin....
  12. I'd probably go with the LV. You'll get a lot of life out of it and I bet you'll get lots of great comments when you wear it.
  13. Well she didn't NOT ask for any either so she got mine. This country is on the brink of an economic meltdown because people who couldn't really afford it go in over their heads, encouraged all along by cheerleaders eager to help them keep up with the Jonses. And if you don't think that you won't be the one eventually paying for it then you're in some sort of twilight zone. Call it rude if you want but perhaps it will get some of the readers of this thread to think. For all I know she may be one of the Olsen twins but that really wasn't the point. You can go back to your shallow obsessing now, I've said my piece :flowers:
  14. "Shallow Obsessing Strongly Encouraged" is our motto!! That's what we're here for.......maybe sometimes to escape the reality of an economic meltdown. To the OP, just purchase the one that you think you will still love to carry when you are 30 years old because either of those two bags should be around at least that long!
  15. Love the Bon Bon! Never seen it before as I mostly hang out at the Chanel forum, but that is really a fun bag! :tup:

    Good luck!