I need Rockstud help immediately! HELP!

  1. I ordered what BG is calling the Rockstud New Dome in black and it arrived today. Original price was $2,145. Item number is CWB00196-ABOl01.

    My bag did NOT come with a shoulder strap. I've looked at this bag on other sites and they all had straps.

    Am I missing a shoulder strap or did this bag come in different variations? HELP!

  2. Definitely missing the strap. Everyone I've seen in real life had a strap.

    I called BG and they also said yes, the bag is supposed to come with a strap.

    They offered me a 10% discount off the bag but really that's not much.

    Of course I can return it ...

    Does anyone think that I can get a replacement strap directly from Valentino?
  4. Nope, they are stingy with stuff like that. I wish they would sell replacement parts. Oh Lori... I'm heartbroken for you! I know you were really looking forward to this bag :sad:
  5. I'm SO bummed out. I bet someone bought the bag that I have and deliberately kept the strap and BG didn't notice. Either that or someone did a bait and switch and I got a counterfeit.

    I noticed that the studs aren't completely symmetrical especially by the seams. Is this common?

    Now I'm totally paranoid that I got a fake.
  6. Post some pics, I've never seen a fake rockstud before.

    Include the serial number, inside tag, outside label.
  7. OK here are pics.

    Outside label:


    Serial number:


    Inside tag:


    Also here are some pics of the studs. They are so uneven near the seams!


  8. I'm confident it's authentic. The studs are applied by hand with a machine, so I guess they don't measure them out space wise. So what are you going to do? You can email Calvin Fong at the GA boutique and ask if you can get a strap, but I'm pretty sure he'll say no (sorry!) Are you going to return it and keep the light brown one?
  9. OK fhew. There's a Valentino boutique here in SF, maybe I'll go in there and see what they say.

    The light brown bag hasn't arrived yet and I have no idea when it will because the SA never emailed/texted me the tracking info (grr!!!).

    The only other thing I can think of is to procure a strap by doing the same thing that someone else probably did with the bag that I got. Which is not the most honest option. But I'm feeling a little desperate right now.
  10. I was going to suggest the last one you listed, but didn't want you to think I was evil. Yay! We're both evil!! :devil:
  11. The first thing I'm going to do is wait a little and see if anyone returns their bag to BG. Hopefully I can get a replacement bag or just have them send me the strap. If not, I'm going to have to go with the second option. There's only one place online that still seems to have this bag in stock. :ninja:

    I'm pretty sure the bag I got is a return. When it was shipped to me it was stuffed into a box that was borderline too small, and the tissue paper inside the bag was packed in completely haphazard. I had a feeling as soon as I was unpacking it that something wasn't going to be right. Female intuition. :nogood:
  12. Oh I am so sorry! Agree authentic but should have the strap. I would send it back. Valentino boutique won't help of u didn't buy from them. Good luck, sending a hug.

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  13. This is so frustrating! Thanks for sending a hug.

    I actually had a dream last night that I looked in the bag and the strap was there. I was so happy! But then when I woke up I was mad again because I knew it was just a dream. I can't believe I am having dreams/nightmares about this bag!

    I have 30 days to return it to BG, so I will have to see if I can get a replacement strap somewhere. I'm hoping that in about another week some people will start returning all their sale purchases and maybe I can snag one that way.

    I guess my worst case scenario if I can't get a replacement would be to have a cobbler make me a plain shoulder strap. Or return the bag altogether.
  14. U could also check eBay for other black rockstud bags. Maybe someone would be willing to sell you the strap off their bag? Doesn't have to be the new dome any black v RS strap will do
  15. That's a really great idea. I checked eBay and there are only 2 black bags for sale now. One of them is pre-loved so I'm hoping that maybe she would be more open to the idea of selling just the strap. I'll hit her up today. :smile: