I need recommendations on red bags

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  1. So I totally missed out on my ideal red bag: the Ferragamo Sofia. I was holding out the hope that a new red would come out in fall, but the SA told me no

    While I'm still looking for the Sofia, I probably have to move on and set my sights on other potentials. I welcome any suggestions!

    1. Pebbled leather, or material that allows a somewhat slouchy shape
    2. Satchel with crossbody strap
    3. Medium sized, about 10-14 inches in length
    4. I have a classic casual personal style, so something that I can take to work, but also wouldn't look weird with shorts, a T shirt, and sandals.
    5. Ideally under $2500, but willing to spend up to $3200ish for the right bag.

    Thanks all!
  2. Mulberry Small Bayswater Satchel, in Fiery Spritz which is on sale right now?
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    What about the Fendi 2Jours in red? It meets your satchel requirement with a top-handle and a detachable strap, although it has an open-top rather than a flap closure.

    There are two types of leather on the 2Jours: The front and back are in Elite leather (which is similar to Prada's Saffiano except it is more durable from my experience), and the sides are soft calfskin to relax the shape and look of the bag. It's not exactly the grained leather you are looking for, but the combination of 2 different leathers blends structure with softness beautifully. I think it's perfect for the office and also for a day off.

    And with the metal bar finished with red lacquer, the red makes a much more intense statement on this bag.

    The price is $2350 for the small size.


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  4. Thanks so much for these recommendations ladies! They are beautiful! I will visit these beauties in person on my next shopping expedition :flowers:
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  6. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1469382429.395525.jpg
    I just wondered if You a still looking for a red bag, Fendi 2jours is my favorite as well
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