I need recommendations for a book...

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  1. My friends have a 2 year old daughter named Molly and just welcomed another baby girl into the family yesterday. I thought it would be nice to get Molly a book for big brothers and sisters who are new siblings being that Molly likes to read. I also thought it would help her adjust and understand what is going on. Does anyone have any recommendations for good children's books? I know there is a Bernstein Bears one and have seen others but cannot think of the names or authors. Thanks!
  2. books for children specifically for welcoming baby?
  3. Yes. I used to have a bedtime book when I was a kid that was called something like My New Baby Sister. It was very cute and was all about what a big sister does. Molly likes to be read to before bedtime, so I thought a book like this would be perfect. I really want to get her a nice one and was hoping that some mommies in this forum might know of some. :flowers:
  4. :yes: that's probably the one I bought my DD when my twins were born.
    I'd check Amazon to be honest, that's such a specific topic that fewer people may have good suggestions.
    I kow I could only find one or two when I shopped for one. . . so disappointed!
  5. One that I really love but would be for when she's older is the Pain and the Great one by Judy Blume. I have a few others but need to go find them and post the titles.
  6. Thank you! :nuts: I am going to go onto the B&N site now and look at the suggestions above. I always think it is nice to get something for the existing siblings (as an oldest child myself) to make them feel less...ignored or replaced.
  7. Hi, We got the Bernstein Bear book for our son (I'm three months pregnant) for now and then we are planning to get I'm A Big Brother when the baby is born. The nice thing about the B Bear book now is that it talks about moving to a big boy bed, which is a transition that we also have coming up. In your case, I would go with I'm a Big Sister because she is actually a BS now. Although, it is really popular - I bought it for my niece a few years ago and then two other people did as well.