I need purseket or pursebrite info!

  1. Hi, I'm looking for a purseket for speedy 30 and neverfull MM and speedy 25. A pursebrite or other type of organiser would be great too. Now I have some questions:

    - Which sizes? (I checked the reference thread but there's no info on the neverfull.)
    - Where to order them from? I live in Europe and I don't want to buy of eBay. I don't have paypall, just visa...
  2. www.purseket.com

    Speedy 30 and Neverfull MM: large purseket

    Speedy 25: medium purseket
  3. i use large for my speedy 30 and neverfull mm... and it fit well
  4. Please be careful. There have been several threads lately discussing how the purseket bleeds color onto the lining of the bag or other items inside. Personally I use the chameleon and love it.


  5. I have the large gold colored purseket and haven't had any "bleeding" issues at all. But, I think the darker pursekets (black) have been an issue when it comes to bleeding the color onto the inside of the purse.
  6. nice! i was just about to ask about what size i should get. THanks!
  7. By the way, I bought a small purseket for my Petit Noe, but I think I should have have bought a medium. The small purseket does not wrap around the inside of the Petit Noe but I think the medium would.... oh well....
  8. I bought a medium for my Speedy 30 (well actually it was for another bag and now I use it in my Speedy...) and it is alittle too small. It works, but I would definately get a large one the next time around, just to make sure it helps keep the structure of the bag, etc. I would think you will find the same if you get the medium for the Neverfull. If you want the purseket to go all the way around, go for the large.
  9. I use a large in both my petite noe and my speedy 30. The pursebrite is not large enough for either and the pockets are too "short"
  10. Get larges because you can always overlap them ( I use large size in my Mirage Speedy and in my Azur Noé, but make sure you buy it in a similar or LIGHTER color than the inside of your bag.
  11. thnx for the info! I ordered two larges and two mediums, will see how it goes...
  12. This thread is perfect for me! I just bought the Damier Speedy 25 and I really need a purseket too. I was at the mall for Christmas shopping and it took me forever to find my cell phone!
  13. Don't buy the black purseket....it bleeds! It happened to me. I still use them though. They're a great product.