I need professional help!

  1. Last night I found out I had won a bbag on ebay......the day after I had won another. I had forgotten I bid on the second one. Plus I just got a Chanel that I won last week and I had just bought a brand new one last month.

    If it weren't for this forum, I would not be spending like a maniac!:shrugs: You guys are such a bad influence.

    I am out of control and must put a block on this forum (yeah, right).

    I'll send pics when I get them.

    I ended up getting some that were in ok shape, so I will have to find out what I can do to make it look good. I got the Pistashio and a white one (not sure about all the names yet).

  2. congrats on entering the wild & wacky world of b-bag addiction :wlae:...the good thing about it is that we're all in the same boat :P...can't wait to see photos of your new babies!!!
  3. Professional help can be provided: bag sizes, colors, leatherquality, everything you want to know about b-bags, more precise and persuasive than any SA...ask the ladies of this subforum and you will get all the help ;) you need and even more...............
  4. :roflmfao: :P
  5. Sweetie, we ALL need professional help around here! Going on Achtung is almost deadly to your budget! Your marriage will be ruined, your children and pets will be neglected, your performance at work will suffer greatly, your grades will slip. But MAN, will you have great bags will your life completely crumbles around you!:wtf:
  6. I went bbag crazy for a few months, then I kind of got a grip on my spending. I sold bags...had a yard sale...sold random crap that we didn't need in our storage, etc. Now I have my beautiful dream bag, an 05 caramel purse. I just traded some LV for the most darling 05 olive mini twiggy, and I have an 05 blue coin purse on the way.

    Even if you go bonkers in the beginning and overspend, you can easily sell off any of the bbags you lose your lust for, and buy new ones. It's a never-ending cycle! Welcome to the insanity!
  7. Aw, my best friend's name is Laurel, don't meet too many of those.
    You know, it's funny, I thought I was majorly obsessed with tPF and Bals but for some reason after 2 bags in 2 months (nothing compared to some girls on here!) I have really calmed down. I'm even thinking these 2 might be enough. (gasp!!) I mean, I don't like the feeling of have another $1000+ handbag sitting in my closet when I'm using the other one. I would feel crazy if I had several thousands of dollars of bags sitting in my closet unused. But, that is just how I use bags, I don't switch every day or match to my outfits, I'm much more concerned about my clothes than the bags, shoes, jewelry, etc.

    You'll get to a point, maybe, where you calm down a bit. If nothing else, it will happen when that debt piles up. But if you've got tons of $$, then by all means enjoy your life, you only get one!

  8. That's exactly what I was afraid of. I was thinking more along the lines of therapy or maybe BBA (Balenciaga Bags Anonymous).

  9. i also got 2 b bags and 1 gucci clutch this month, and getting a coco cabas next week...
    2 months earlier i'm not in a mood to shop cause a broken heart :crybaby:
    but about 5 months ago, i bought 1 lv and 1 balenciaga bags, in the same day
  10. Yeah I have said that Bal bags and Bal forums are like a cult! Once your sucked in there is no getting out! But at least it is a fun cult, and we don't have to shave our heads to join......ummm...we don't, right?
  11. :banned: CatCat your reply had me in stitches. I have been warned about the Bal addiction from my good friend Deco have not bought one yet. Terrified to do so I know what I am like with Fendi Spy bags and once I start will not be able to stop
  12. I'm so glad to find out that I'm not the only one who forgets about bids 'til it's too late.... ;) I often recommend sniper software to people, but I think I need to withdraw the recommendation for myself...
  13. what is sniper software?, or maybe it's best I don't know.