I need pointers on fakes

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  1. Hey everyone I recently bought a replica bag on e-bay I was told it was authentic. I try looking for original pictures of the bag they are sellig but since Ive never had a LV I dont know how to spot a fake. Does anyone know what to look for? :huh:
  2. Can you send us the link to the auction??
    Detail pictures of the bag will help...
  3. well I have not put my eye on another one yet, I was hopeing for any clues in general?
    Thanks for trying to help.
  4. The best advice i've learned here is about the O vs 0..in LOUIS VUITTON. but ive just been testing myself, look at one, guess then double check.. and thats how ive figured out a lot of them out. soon you can tell at a glance!
  5. idea, go look at all the fakes on ioffer.com and compare them to the authentics in the showcase section. that should help some too, training your eye to spot differances. I am new to and just learning but I am getting better
  6. come again? O vs 0 is that on the monogram or are you talking about the tag?
  7. referring to the Louis Vuitton stamped on bag, the O in it should look like an O and not a zero 0
  8. okay, thanks
  9. Yup, you can also look at the texture of the bag. What bag are you particularly looking at? Maybe it'd be easier to help that way
  10. The font on the Louis Vuitton stamp, as everyone mentioned is usually a sure sign.
    Here's a comparison on a speedy tab from another post

    And from a MC Alma

    Here's a fake
    (which is sadly $305 on Ebay right now)
  11. Another thing I've used is the font on the date code
    These are real
    that's made in France and oddly enough, the date codes seem to vary depending on if they're made in the US or France.
    I have 2 bags from France and they're coded in that font.

    My US bags use this font

    In any event though, the font seems elongated.
  12. I have found that www.mypoupette.com offers some wonderful advice on how to buy authentic LV online.
  13. Hmm...my lodge is made in france but its date code has the font of your USA bag...:blink:
  14. When was it made?
    I wonder it was a change that was made after a certain date, maybe?
    What's the date on your Lodge?
    I'll have to go and look at the actual dates on my France bags.
    One is the Bandouliere that I bought in Paris and the other is my mini mono Juliette that I bought from eluxury.
    I believe that they're from 02 and 03...