I NEED PICS.....Pretty Please of ALI and LEGACY SHOULDER w/ goodies inside!

  1. Hi everyone! Today is the day Im choosing and buying my Ali or legacy shoulder bag!:yahoo: I was wondering if any of you lucky girls that own one would please post pics of your bag and the items it can hold. Thanks sooooo much!:heart: ;) :heart:
  2. :popcorn:
  3. I can post pictures later for you of both my Ali and my shoulder bags filled with stuff. But I'm working the late shift tonight and won't get home till after 9 Central. Not sure if it helps, but I LOVE both of them equally. I know I'm not much help. I'll get those pictures for you though. :yes:
  4. When you go to the Coach store, the SA should be more than happy to let you put the stuff from your bag into either the Ali or the shoulder bag, to see which one you'd prefer. We do that all the time here.

    Just so you know :smile:
  5. ^^GREAT!! No problem, it will be worth the wait. Thanks!
  6. I'll post some in a sec!

  7. WoooooHOOOOOO! Thanks!!:yahoo:
  8. Won't be home until late but I typically carry french wallet, wristlet, business card case, mini skinny, planner, cell, Ergo keyfob, hairbrush, handkerchief in my bags. All of that fits easily into the Legacy shoulder using the front turnlock pockets to store the cell and business card case.
  9. [​IMG]



    And my siamese/himalayan, Cooper, says Hey! :smile: lol He's always got to be in on the action - "I'm in UR bagz, rubbin on your stuff". :p

    As you can see, the Ali is MUCH more roomy. I wouldn't put nearly that much in my shoulder normally. It would be too stuffed feeling for my likings.

    And you probably wouldn't be able to try these on in store unless you have a store that is still carrying the Legacy line. I know mine doesn't have these to see in person anymore.
  10. luvmycoach - Your kitty is adorable!!! That is the cutest picture with your kitty wanting to see what's up inside your bags. ADORABLE!!! :tender: I love Siamese kitties - they're so cute!
  11. Thank you so much! You have totally helped me make my decission. White Ali it is for me! Definetely need the room.
    Give that adorable kitty of yours a squeeze from me. Sooooooo cute!! Thanks again!

  12. Since you have already made your decision (and it is the right one - I LOVE Ali), I won't offer to post pictures of mine filled. But now you must post pictures when you get her!
  13. Oh gosh! Dont let my decission stop you from posting a picture, it'll just make me want one even more lol!!! Would love to see your too!:nuts:
  14. You will LOVE it. Out of all of my bags, I think the Ali is probably the most comfortable on my shoulder. It's a great bag.
  15. Aww, thanks! He's a stinker with a totally different personality than my other two kitties. I think it's the Siamese in him. :yes: