I need Paypal Help **Important**

  1. I received this email today,

    Resolution Center: Your account access has been limited.
    We recently have determined that different computers
    have logged into your account, and multiple password failures
    were present before the login. Therefore your account has
    been limited.

    Thank you for using PayPal!

    The PayPal Team

    PayPal Email ID: PP 1253

    However, when I clicked on the link, it brought me to a site that looked like paypal, but it looked different, and the only thing I could click on was the email address and password, (which I did not do). here is the link after I clicked on it. Please tell me what you think. I did not log into this because I went to my actual paypal account and it seems fine. And I was able to click on things (ie, send money, logout, etc) But what's funny is that my MOM got a phone call yesterday from paypal looking for me???? WTF??

    Here is the link that popped up after I clicked on resolve the problem
    paydiupal. com

    and here is the sender on my email
    "service@paypal.com" <service@paypaI.com>

    Thanks for your help!! Am I being scammed??? If so what should I do? I told my mom if they call her again to tell them I've received a fake email and it's being investigated.
  2. Don't click on the link!!!!! That's not a real paypal email. Ignore it!

    Paypal has a link on their site for fradulent emails.
  3. Please don't click on this link. It is a scam. I would also suggest you remove the links from your post just in case someone clicks on the link and its a virus. :s
  4. forward to spoof@paypal.com and then delete the email! :smile:
  5. Forward to spoof@paypal.com and I changed my password as a precaution...

    Oh and I blocked the sending address and marked as spam...:yes:
  6. Thanks guys! I tried to delete the link, but I can't edit my post.

    I will send that to the email you guys suggested! Thanks!