I need Painting Advice

  1. What is the minimum amount of time that should lapse before I put on another coat of paint? By the way, it is an interior job. Thank you my lovely purse fanatics:flowers: .
  2. Usually 4 hours. Check your paint can....it should tell you.
    Dutch Boy is 4 hours...Behr is 3 hours.
  3. dry to the touch. that is the general rule. the time depends on a variety of factors such as: temperature, time of day, amount of sunlight and how big the wall is.
  4. ^I agree, dry to teh touch.

    Is it humid there? If so I'd probably even wait until the next day.
  5. I guess I should be patient and wait till the morning. Argh! I just wanted to get it out the way.

    By the way, I want to give a shout out to SWANKY MAMA the Chanel princess. She is doper than dope:jammin: !!!
  6. Awww!:love:

    back atcha!:jammin:
  7. One additional factor to consider is humidity--if it's really humid, paint will dry more slowly. I agree with the "dry to the touch" advice! It's really important to be patient when painting--I know that can be difficult!
  8. Wait until next day.
  9. I painted a HUGE wall last summer and I agree with others who have said that the wall should be dry to the touch. You also should take into account how thick each coat of paint is. You may have to wait until the next day to add another coat if you're laying it on thick.
  10. If i'm painting a bedroom i do the trim Top and bottom then paint around the room, then go back and do the trim again, then paint the room again.

    If i'm doing two rooms at once I do trim Top and bottom then paint around the room, then move to the next room and then come back to the first and repeat.

    If you are using oil paint you have to wait a while :sad: between coats.
  11. How'd you do girl?

    Did you wait?

    Whatcha paintin'?