I need outlet help please

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  1. Ok, will an outlet hold a bag for me for my cousin to pick up? Here is the thing. Nearest outlet to me is 300 miles away. My cousin lives in Orlando and is coming down to my house next week. If I called the outlet and they have a Leigh can I pay for it over the phone for her to pick up or how do I need to do it? Why I ask is I do not think my cousin will have enough $ to pay for it herself for me to pay her back. I need to find a way to get my dream bag from there to here. Help! I am soo confused.
  2. When I charge held the leigh bag, they charged my card immediately, but they asked me to bring ID and the card and had me sign the receipt. Either you can call the outlet and explain to them the situation or transfer money into your cousin's bank and have her pay for it. I hope that helps.
  3. How about this, send her the money priority and have them hold the bag for her.
  4. OR, can you paypal the money to her?