i need opinions!!!

  1. i can't decide what i want. at all.

    i have a few misc credits to use, along with the letter for them not being able to fix my bag. and that brings my spending capability to right under $1000.

    and i have NO idea what i want/need. all i know is i don't want another school bag- so maybe just another purse? or accessories? (or both!)

    i'm thinking ergo...hobo or tote? what COLOR?! aahhh.

    i need help, you guys! i know you'll tell me what to get! (yes, i'm one of those people that thinks compulsively about this stuff. because if i don't go into the store with a 'plan', i'll end up buying stuff like the crap that's sitting in my closet, unused).
  2. Personally I'm a huge fan of the ergo :drool: because it's a classic shape that won't go out of style. Summer is coming-- what do you need most for sunny weather?
  3. i have a sig ergo that i don't use. (oops)...i want something leather.

    i'm thinking turquiose. can't be better than that for summer, right?
  4. There ya go! I'm loving the leather too. The turquoise is so fun... really add a punch to your collection. Plus you'll still have lots to spend...Perhaps some cute accessories to go inside? :yes:
  5. okay. so the turquiose...hobo or tote? what SIZE?!



    sooo...what accessories? :graucho:
  6. hobo if you dont want a school bag.
  7. I think I like the tote better than the hobo....and you gotta have the matching wallet. Oh, and the turquoise flats (the Nicolas?) if they're the same turquoise.
  8. kallison, how about you post some pictures of the ones you're considering? That way, we can help you make the right decision for the perfect bag to add to your collection! There's just too much Coach has to offer; I think you'll have to narrow it down for us ^_^
  9. What about the Turquoise Nicolette flats with a matching ergo turquoise scarf? It is in the catalog towards the bag with the women carrying the white ergo hobo. I think those shoes are adorable. Add a pair of cute sunglasses, and you are ready to go!
  10. Lucky you, the fun I could have.....lol

    Lots and Lots of Accessories
  11. turquoise ergo w/the white ergo keyfob.
    white/camel ergo wallet
    and save the rest for the summer collection and/or the next PCE event.
  12. +1:yes:
  13. I definately agree with this route!!!!
  14. I loooooove the turquoise ergo--I think the tote is my favorite. Only because I like a more structured bag and the hobo looks more slouchy; but I think they are both awesome. I would get one of those and maybe the new scarf to match.....plus probably the wristlet in the scarf print.......and I'd probably throw in a pair of shoes if there was any money left! LOL

    Oh, to be in your predicament.....:nuts: