I Need Opinions Please!

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  1. So since the outlets don't seem to have the small Dillen satchel in bone, I went to the Dooney site and they have it for $276, which isn't as good as an outlet price but it is better than full price. What do you think of the color? Sometimes the bone looks so yellow and in other styles it looks more like a parchment white. I think maybe the natural trim with make it look more cream/parchment than yellow? My eyes were drawn to this because I was initially considering the white dillen, but the white is too white for me lol I would want more of a creamy white.


    I was also keeping my eye on the small flo in violet since the Dooney site has them back, but I have fuchsia already and don't think I can justify it. It is also full price. The bone would be a lot different than any other color I have.

    Thanks for any input you have! I love having a group of women I can go to for advice! :lol:
  2. Also forgot to ask: will the Dooney site refund a sale item if I end up not liking it?
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    The bone in this satchel is more on the yellow side, which I like better than the whitish bone. I saw it a couple months ago. I'm heading to the outlet this weekend and if I see it, I will take a few shots so you can see the true live color.
  4. Thanks! You saw it at the outlet? I wonder why Reading told me it wasn't in their outlet store or in the warehouse available to be shipped. Would you say it's like a parchment color with yellow undertones? I guess that would still be a nice neutral. I just want to make sure I can return it to Dooney even though it's a sale price.
  5. Also, did you say in another thread that you have an oyster bag? I feel like I remember reading that but I could be so wrong! I was wondering if you did have an oyster what you thought of the color and if it is a true white or more an off white and if it has gotten dirty easily?

  6. Noooo, I saw it a couple months back. But I'm assuming they won't have it at the outlet since you called and they say it's out of stock. I just thought I'd give it a try. That bag (to me) is more parchment with yellow undertones. I like it. I have attached my Florentine bag in the color Oyster to show a comparison. The bag you are looking at is not close (in person) to this color in my opinion. Mine is more what I think Bone would be. But there are so many variations of the color.

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  7. Thanks so much for the picture! Yeah the oyster seems like more of a grayish white almost and the bone is more yellowish. It's so hard to decide! But I think I like the natural trim on the dillen in the bone. Do you remember how the trim looked with it? Did it look nice? I feel like it would go with any color!

  8. Yes, exactly on your understanding of the color comparison!

    It was really pretty and I almost got it but I had just got the Oyster and thought it was too much in the same range of being a lighter color. From what I remember, it reminded me of the old school (1980's-90's) Dooney bags as far as the contrast of the bone color against the sierra leather. Retro looking. That's what I liked about it.
  9. Ohh yes I think I know what you are talking about! With the kind of old school color off white leather that has a yellowish tint to it. I haven't seen anything on Dooney's site about sale items being final sale, so I am guessing I can always return it if it's not what I expect.

  10. Yes!!!!! off white with yellowish tint. :smile:. If you decide to go for it, I'm sure you'll post pics. :smile: Good luck but I'm sure you'll love it. You can't go wrong with a Dooney!
  11. Thank you or all your help I really appreciate it! :heart:
  12. I can't remember if I saw that one or the white with the tan trim, but I thought it was pretty. I love the bone with the tan trim. I think it's the perfect combination. I love the orange with the tan trim. It kind of reminds me of Pecan's Chelsea :smile: You can't go wrong with the bone though. I saw a couple oyster florentine bags at the outlet too and it's more of a greyish off white. It's nice as well, but a cooler color.

    Regarding the possibility of returning an item, I don't know for sure on the Dooney site, but I was able to return a discounted item on the Ilovedooney site, which is their outlet website so I don't see why they wouldn't allow the return. It's probably best to call them just to make sure if you're thinking you might want to return it. It seems like the outlet stores are the ones with the strict return policy. The one I go to doesn't even give you a refund, you can only do exchanges.

    Please show us your new bag if you decide to get it. Thanks. :tender:
  13. Beautiful and fun bag Pecan. I saw it in your video. :ps:
  14. I agree! I think the natural trim will probably make it look nice and warm but still neutral enough to wear with anything. The Dooney return info only says return within 30 days and doesn't say anything about sale prices, so I assume it's okay. But you're right, it doesn't hurt to just call!
  15. Darn! Only their live chat is open til 9 pm EST and you can only use Internet Explorer and I have a mac. I hope the sale is still on tomorrow or maybe I will just buy it and take m chances.