i need opinions... please

  1. ok im not sure about this but i have the Kate Spade little Alex wicker purse in black and i want to know if i can continue to use it into the fall/winter. if not when is the appropriate time to retire my purse and when can i bring in out of hybernation again. please any advice is welcome:yes:
  2. I'm no fashion expert at all, but I've always thought of wicker, straw, etc. as warm season materials. I think when you make the transition to fall clothing is the time for your fall or winter bag(s). It could depend on the climate where you live, too. When I lived in FL, I would sometimes carry straw bags year round. In the end, do what you want to do!
  3. i'm going to say wicker season is any time that isn't boot season....how's that for an arbitrary rule? :smile:

    i would think it was a little weird if someone was carrying a wicker bag now. by march, i'd just assume you were excited that it was almost spring.

    oh, and for that person who is carrying a wicker bag to her company's holiday party....no offense meant! :smile:
  4. ^ ITA. :yes:
  5. Use it if you like it. After all the holiday season involves gift baskets and stuff like that. I personally use what I want whenever I want as long as it goes with what I'm wearing.
  6. I am going with the majority here, I think, as much as I love the exact bag you are talking about, I almost bought it myself and decided against it, partially for that reason. I think I would be uncomfortable carrying wicker when it wasn't SANDAL season. I have only one wicker bag for that reason, it is a Juicy I got on sale(and I love it, because it looks pretty "age"less, compared to what I think about most Juicy bags). I hate to tell you no, because it is not what you want to hear, but personally, I would feel pretty silly and probably chuckle if I saw someone else doing it.:hrmm: Just being honest.
  7. I guess its time to put little alex to bed :crybaby: see you in march i cant wait for the spring! well hopefully ill have the gucci holiday hobo to hold me over, but then after xmas i still want my gucci. what a vicious cycle. i guess i will just have to buy more bags.
  8. Well...if you must....:girlsigh: