I need opinions please...

  1. I am going to get a new bag for fall...or maybe two. My question / problem is this....I just recently got a HH Mercer Triple C bag from the famous sale. I love the bag but it doesn't seem to sit well on my shoulder. Here are the bags that I'm drooling over but I'm wondering if I'll have the same problem w/ any of them.

    Tano Sex Bomb
    Tano Boogie Bucket
    Tano Bottle Blond
    HH Thalia
    Kooba Charlie
    Kooba Jillian
    Kooba Frankie

    Any advice / ideas / suggestions would be greatly appreciated. One last thing to keep in mind is that I don't like a heavy bag either.

    I'm always open to hearing if anyone has a bag suggestion too!:tup:

  2. Bumping...hoping to get some opinions from the experts.....
  3. Well, I am partial to the Koobas, especially the Jillian and Jessie. Talk about sitting well on your shoulder!!!!!
  4. Are the Kooba's heavy?
  5. Depends on what you're used to. I wanted to get a Kooba Sloane earlier this year, and it was very heavy for me, but I normally haul around canvas bags. You should go to a store and try them out, or at least buy from an online boutique that has an easy return policy.
  6. I can tell you one thing about Tano- they make very lightweight leather bags. (Unless you pick one with a double length aberdeen strap or tons of hardware.) Ive never had a Kooba or HH so I cant really comment on those.
  7. I have one Tano that I love and that's what is tempting me to try another one.

    Do you know if anyone has had problems w/ the straps of the Sex Bomb slipping off their shoulders? Have you ever worn this style? (If I'm remembering correctly you have a Down Low which is what I'm currently carrying & I love it!)


  8. Sex bomb has short shoulder straps- its a snug fit over the shoulder. Depends upon how weighted the bag is, and what you are wearing, the shape of your shoulders, etc. As for me, with 3 little kids in tow at all times, its messengers or bust! Thats why I love my down low. There are some nice new messengers coming out for Fall, too- email me for pics, if you like.
  9. In my experience, bags with a single strap tend to sit better on my shoulder than those with a double strap. Also, in my opinion, the Kooba Jillian is definately on the heavier side.
  10. I have the sex bomb and it's a great fit over my shoulder because it is snug (and I have chubby arms). I rarely have any slipping problems but I also keep my packed full! ;)
  11. Thank you everyone for the opionions!!!! I think Tano it is...now I just need to decide which one. :p