I Need Opinions, Please!

  1. I'm looking for an evening bag. This is only 9"x5"...a little bag for a large price! It's about the $$ of a medium Veneta. I'd pay more for daytime bags, but hesitate for a bag that would be used only for special occasions. What do you all think?
  2. ^^I've really been having a hard time with photos lately, I'll try again...[​IMG]
  3. ^ I think it's beautiful Marly, however, I would hestitate to spend this amount on an evening bag.
  4. I agree with bag.lover. It's a really stunning bag, but for occasional use, do you want to invest that much? You know your lifestyle and also how much you love this bag.
  5. Thank you, both. I do not have dressy events often enough to justify it.:s

    I lost my mind for a moment.:noggin: I do love this bag, though, ever since I saw it IRL at Nordstroms about a year ago. It's called the Smock Bag from '06. It's like a little work of art!
  6. hey marly,

    ok, since you already decided against I shouldn't be saying this BUT i will anyway... haha

    I honestly think that every gal should have one fabulous evening bag that she can pull out for all the big events and always look chic. so if you think this is that bag for you, why not? if it is a trade-off btw day and evening bag, of course i'd say go for day bag, but if you have what you want, and you can afford it, i'd say it is good to have a nice evening bag. bv no less! ;)
  7. I'm not sure if you're still iffy on this but I actually agree with Lara. If you already have a day bag why not have a great evening bag? First I think this bag is adorable! :drool:Second, with the trend of everyone carrying around clutches (even in the day causually), I think you might be able to pull this off more causually too-going out in the evening to dinner etc. and not just really dressy evenings/outfits. It would depend on how you felt about doing that and how it looked with a given outfit I guess. Hope I didn't add to your confusion!
  8. Marly, IMO, the detailing on that bag is fantastic, which justifies the price.

    I'm generally not a large bag person, so some of my daily bags are that size; however, it doesn't sound like you would use it on a daily basis. I think that unless you're comfortable spending that amount on something you'd use only a couple times a year, you should pass.
  9. Ladies, FYI, if anyone is interested...this bag originally retailed for $2,460, and is now on sale for about $1200.
    Available at both BV Outlets!

    ...I'm trying to stay strong!
  10. Be strong and keep your moolah for something you will use more often.... that being said, its a beautiful evening bag...
  11. Ooooh! On sale, and such a good price...how DO you stay so strong??? It is very much a work of art, but looking at the picture, it looks like something I could carry for more casual outings in addition to special occasions...so maybe its uses are not as limited? Not enabling here or anything.
  12. It is a beautiful bag, its a really cute size. :heart: I can see why you want it sooo badly!!!
    If you feel you can justify the price, go for it. But i think you have your doubts, so i would give it some very serious thought.
    Sometimes things we really want, are just not going to fit into our livestyles. (No matter how much we want them to) and the money could be better spent on something else that does.
    But that doesnt stop us loving them.
    its hard though to be sensible ALL the time, and sometimes a luxury item makes you feel pampered and very special.
  13. Marly, do you especially like the pleating of the style? If so, maybe you could stalk the Vallauris or the pleated bag in ebano, which are larger and may be more suited for everyday use. I think that the latter was on sale at NAP at one point, but it's sold out now. I really wanted the pleated bag and was tempted to buy it, but DH convinced me that it was too big for me.