I need opinions on two Prada bags

  1. Hello, I have recently fell in love with these two Prada bags.
    I wondering if these two bags came in different sizes?

    Does anyone have this & find it to big?

    Opinions on this one:

    I really like this one but I am afraid that it will look to much like an actual bowler bag. Anyone have it? I haven't seen it on someone, So does anyone have pictures?

    Any pictures of your items would help, Thank-you so much.
  2. The second link shows ALL the Prada bags at Saks --- wanna repost the 2nd pic?
  3. Personally I prefer the brown one on eBay -- I like the bolder hardware. Its a chic bag that can double as a work bag in a pinch.
  4. I'm a brown gal :shame: So, you would know my vote, wouldnt you? :graucho:
    More than that, I think COCCO BROWN LEATHER looks really gorgeous. :drool:
    Good luck with your next purchase(s), oceancitygirl :flowers: