I need opinions on these LV shoes.

  1. Should I get it?
  2. those are hot! get them if you love them.
  3. Love them.
  4. Yes!

    I think its versatile and could be worn for work and play. You could also pair if off with jeans or a dress pants. Definitely a keeper.
  5. I was just about to say that!!!:lol:
    GREAT LOOKING SHOE!!!:heart:
  6. hot! how do you ladies feel about matching LV purses & shoes? like how would those shoes go w/ the mini mono josephine PM or something? too much?
  7. I see a few mom's at my son's school do that. One actually had on a pair of LV jeans with matching denim speedy and it look good! I thought it was going to be too much logo at first but she was really thin and her top and shoes were really plain so it didn't look bad at all!
  8. Those shoes are hot!!! I would definitly get them!
  9. I ordered them from eluxury. I wear a 38.5 but i got the 39 because it was either that or a 38. They are doing expedited shipping b/c of Mother's Day. When I get them, I'll post.

    By the way, do LV shoes run a little small? I hope so!
  10. I love them.. I think you'd look great in them.
  11. YES YES YES!!! They are HOT :love:
  12. Love them!
  13. You should definately get them! I love them.
  14. im in loveee!!!
    you should deff get them!!!
  15. Not my fave- the piece of leather on the toe makes it look like you have a big bird claw.