I Need Opinions On The 35 Kelly!

  1. The opportunity to get a 35 Togo Kelly has been presented to me and I have never actually seen or held one. I now own a 32 sellier and like the size. I love my 35 Birkin but just not sure how the 35 Kelly would wear. I would love to hear from some 35 Kelly owners! TIA!
  2. Is it retourne or sellier? A 35 Kelly retourne will not seem much bigger than your 32 sellier. I was looking at a 32 retourne next to a 28 sellier and they looked about the same size. Do you have to decide without seeing it in person?
  3. I'm about 5'3" and love big bags. I did have a 35 retourne Kelly though and did not like the proportions on me. I felt like I was carrying a brief case. That being said, it is such and individual decision. I've seen many threads from others saying how much they love the 35s.
  4. Thanks AR & RC....
    I don't know if it is a sellier or a retourne but I can find out. I will only be able to see pics of the bag. I do know the color is Rouge Garrance.....which is one big reason why I am interested! I just got a 32 HAC in Rouge Vif and I just love it! Maybe if I could see some pics of someone actually wearing a 35 Kelly that would help. I am 5'4"....uh and not as petite as you RC! I am between a 10 & a 12 right now.
  5. BL, I'm about 5'3" and on the curvy side. I've traditionally carried 32s and have some 28s for variety. I recently added a 35cm Retourne Kelly for casual days when I want to carry more items. I have to say that it gets a little heavy once you throw everything in there (mine is also Togo) even w/a shoulder strap, but what I like about it is that I don't have to carefully arrange items so that they all fit in there like I do with my 32 sellier. Rouge Garance in Togo is a dream shade and one of my all-time favorites. If I didn't already have it in a Birkin I would have chosen it for the 35 Kelly. I am a huge fan of Hermes reds so can understand your interest in RG after owning Rouge Vif in Fjord! Most likely if it is in Togo, the Kelly is probably retourne (although I have seen Togo in sellier once). Let us know what you decide!
  6. Orchids: You might want to try a 32 Retourne next time as there is so much room in it. All of the items in my avatar easily fit in mine and there is room to spare. I don't have to arrange the items at all... just throw them in and they fit. I know what you mean about arranging items... I've had bags where I had to do that and I try to avoid it whenever possible.
  7. Thanks KG! You know what the killer is? It's my large Oliver Peoples sunglasses. Even in a 32cm retourne & with a soft sunglass case, I still have to fuss a bit to get everything in so that it doesn't bulge (vision agenda, karo gm, piccolo, small azap, card case, cell, sunglasses ).
  8. I'm not a huge fan of 35cm Kelly's mostly because the proportions of the bag look a bit off to me. That being said, it's really all a matter of personal preference......
  9. I'm 5'2" and a confirmed 35cm carrier in both Birkins and Kellys. They fit my frame better as I'm a bit "hippy" so this size bag balances out my figure very well. If you live near an Hermes Boutique, perhaps you could visit and ask to try one on for size? I did that because I was looking at a 35cm Kelly on eBay but had no idea if the size was right for me. I ended up purchasing the black Kelly I tried in the boutique. It was too elegant to pass up.:rolleyes:
  10. Wow....thanks! Everyone's info has been so helpful! Do any of you who have posted and own a 35 have any pics of yourself wearing her? That would really help I think. I do live near the Dallas Hermes.....would they only have one on hand if there is one displayed? I was just in there yesterday and didn't see one. I have a call into my SA where the bag will be available and she is checking on the style. May be Sat. before she knows.
  11. I loooove the 35 kelly. I only have 35 birkins right now, but an orange 35 is the top of my stalking list right now. My local H doesn't usually have any in stock, but I have seen them in NY.

  12. Bijouxlady, I'm 5'4" and not as petitie as RC, either. I've had a 35cm Sellier Kelly and found it to be overwhelming. I haven't tried a 35cm Retourne Kelly. Like you, I find the 32cm HAC, 32cm Sellier Kelly and 35cm Birkin to be terrific sizes for me (and also like the 31cm Bolide and 30cm Birkin). IMO, the taller and/or thinner you are, the more sizes work for you.
  13. I think this is a 35....
  14. ^ Beautiful photo, Rose. FYI, I believe Grace Kelly was 5'7".