I need opinions! First Hermes purchase, should I do it or wait??

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  1. I am considering this bag, but haven't purchased yet. The issue is that I usually carry pink handbags, but I haven't found one in pink yet. Should I hold out and get what I really want, a pink bag, or do you think this black one would look nice with a pink scarf dressing it up instead?? Are pink Hermes bags hard to come by? Decision, decisions... Also, does anyone know the name of this style?? Maybe I can find a pink one in this style if I wait?

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  2. That looks like an Omnibus - how much is it going for? If the price is close to, say a preloved Garden Party or Evelyn, I'd go for those instead in pink or other candy colours which are available...
  3. Looks like the omnibus
  4. Personally, I would not settle for something less than I wanted. These items are too expensive to settle for something less.
  5. I haven't seen this bag in any of the stores I've been to so can't say if one in pink would come by easily. Black goes with everything but if pink is what you really want, you should wait for it.
  6. Thank you so much, it is at $550 right now, but there are several days to go, I thought maybe of going up to $2000 on it. Those two other styles mentioned in pink are awesome too. Maybe if this one goes too high, I will start looking for one of the others mentioned! Those were some great ideas!
  7. hmmmmmm pink bags ............ well i have seen rose dragge lindys and beautiful RT Evelyne bags so....... maybe wait darling
  8. Do you want a pink Hermes bag or do you just want a Hermes bag? There are other Hermes pink bags out there you could look into rather than going with this black one.
  9. I guess I am aching for a Hermes, just any cute Hermes, but the ultimate would be a pink one. I just can't be too picky as a first timer.
  10. Wait for the right style and right color bag to become available to you. Buying something you are settling for is not worth it and likely to end up unused. The right bag is somewhere out there waiting for you. Just be patience, good things are worth waiting for:smile:
  11. I think you can be picky, only buy what you adore. If a year from now you get the pink bag of your dreams, are you going to still love this one or will it collect dust?
    Good things are worth waiting for, if your heart is set on pink, but this just happens to be what is in your budget and available sooner, I'd wait a little longer. That's just me though, for what it's worth.
    A month from now something pink could show up and your budget has since gone to this bag.
  12. I think unless the bag really sings to you, you should save and hold off on the purchase. HTH!
  13. If I were you I would do some research and identify what EXACTLY I want - pink but which pink? (there are many), which style? Size? What kind of leather? etc and have at least 3 options. It's hard to get what you want when you don't know what it is.
  14. Totally agree!

  15. Get one that you really love.