i need opinion

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  1. im getting my second coach soon...
    but i can only get one due to limited budget...
    should i get julianne or sabrina or ergo convertible tote or COACH HERITAGE STRIPE CONVERTIBLE HOBO or coach op art small hobo

    and i cant make up my mind.. which color should i pick for julianne and sabrina.. i dun wish to get both in the same color
    btw i kinda prefer expresso or black...

    sabrina (expresso or black or steel)

    heritage stripe convertible hobo (magenta or pink)


    julianne (black or expresso or steel)


    coach op art small hobo (fuschia or melon)

    btw i was wondering , for julianne..can we put the top handle on our shoulder? i mean carry the bag on the shoulder not with the long strap but with the top handle... lol sorry not good at describing.

    and of course i hope they still have ergo convertible tote :sad: and i love all the colors...:nuts:
  2. How do you usually use your bags - on shoulder, crossbody or handheld? Which color would go with more in your wardrobe? I think if you're not intending to make a purchase for a while, pick the one you consider most timeless. I have Coach bags from 10 and even 15 years ago that are still beautiful, very functional bags. And most people unless they're true Coachies would guess how old they are!
  3. Go for the black leather Julianne! it's a versatile bag that'll last you for years...I have one and it's my favourite in my entire collection even though it's just a black bag..it's because the style is so classy and timeless! and no, you can't fit the top handle over your shoulders unless you have REALLY skinny arms...I've only seen it fit over one girls shoulders before
  4. I tried the Julianne on this way myself. I'm 5'2 and petite. Yes, I think I COULD get it on this way.....but it was not comfortable. I would carry it on my forearm, if I owned one. This is why I didn't buy it. I didn't want to have to carry it on my forearm and the long strap wasn't an option because of my height.

    I am wanting the Ergo convertible tote. Do you mean the one in the outlet? I'm hoping I can go before they are all sold out. Planning a trip to my nearest in mid-March.
  5. I am loving the look of the steel Julianne, so that would me my recommendation. But I always prefer leather to signature styles.

    Have fun, and try things on if you can find them in stores. I wish I could be making a decision like this! :drool:

  6. I want the convertible stripe hobo myself in khaki/pink but I'm a mom of a 20 month old and need to have my hands free. The others just aren't practical for me.

    I say try them all on to see which one suits you best!
  7. ^^ ITA. Also, put your things in the display bag and walk around for a bit with the bag to see if it's comfortable.
  8. I would pick the espresso Sabrina or black/silver Sabrina. Leather is definitely the way to go and I :heart: Sabrina's versatility
  9. Hi there :smile: Well i use both shoulder n crossbody but lately kinda into handheld bag.. what color... well i have gold, dark brown and pink bag lol my wardrobe is pretty colorful (white,red,pink,blue,black,turqoise etc) Well... maybe my next purchase is in the next 6mths time... thanks :smile:
  10. Cool
    so you also think Julianne is the best in black? Then i shall pick Sabrina in expresso...tq
  11. Hi there
    im hoping my local coach store still have ergo convertibletote
    fyi, im not in States... im in Asia.. sigh...if only i can go to the outlet and get this bag!!!
    actually im shorter than you. im 5'
    will it look weird if i carry the julianne on my shoulder with the long strap... is the strap adjustable?
  12. hey there
    im considering steel too
    but do u think it looks nice to have a light colored crossbody bag?
    will it look weird?
  13. hey there
    im considering steel too
    but do u think it looks nice to have a light colored crossbody bag?
    will it look weird?
  14. since it is your second bag...maybe black/silver sabrina or julianna that way it wont be a bag that will go out of style and go with everything.

  15. I love various colors of bags and I think the steel looks great with everything. I don't think it looks strange even though it is a lighter color. If you are unsure, maybe you can find some pictures here of people modeling the bag (or ask someone) or pictures of other lighter (or steel) crossbody bags. And, of course you can try it on at the store.