I Need One Of You Experts To Clarify About The "cambon" Collection, Please!

  1. I have contacted a couple of NM stores and spoke with SA's, but can't seem to get a clear answer. I just bought a Chanel Cambon wallet. It is white leather with the python CC's. I know it is authentic, but the sales associate told me that it is new and that they recently received them. But now that I have done a little research, I am finding that the entire line has beeen discontinued quite some time ago. Is that correct? Or was it only a few of the color combos that were discontinued? I will be a little irritated if the associate passed off an old stock item to me! Also, if my color combo was discontinued, did the Cambon collection go on sale?? Because I paid full retail!

    I think that everyone here knows more than some of the SA's!
  2. I thought that most of the Cambon line was being discontinued with the exception of the Black on Black and Beige on Beige color combos.
  3. To my knowledge the white was discontinued a while back. What is the date code on your wallet?
  4. Where would I find that? :confused1:
  5. Perhaps it was a return?
  6. Each wallet comes with a hologram sticker and authenticity card. The sticker is very tiny and you probably will find it in the bills compartment. Or check the serial number on the authenticity card. If you tell us the number, we can help you determine which year it was approx. made.
  7. The number on the little sticker is 9887164 and the number on the card is, oh, the same! Does that help? Can anyone tell me what year it is from? Thanks so much!
  8. The 9 series were made in 2004/2005. Since it is a high 9 series number, then this would be from 2005 :yes:
  9. Seriously?? Wow, that is old. So do you think that some stores had it on sale at one point? I am going to return it! I am a balenciaga person, so I am not very familiar with Chanel........The SA acted like it was just the newest thing for Chanel! Anything for a sale and commission!
  10. What a horrible SA! Well if you like the bag keep it regardless, but ugh, I would personally probably return it just to make sure the SA didn't get a commission!
  11. this is true:yes:
    All other combos were clearanced by most stores, maybe not all of them though.
    Maybe your store never puts Chanel on sale?
    Where'd you buy it from?
  12. I have seen some cambon wallets in boutiques.
  13. I was told that the Cambon line was not being disontinued just a few of the colourways like the brown with brown CC's. I didn't see the cambon bags on sale but I did buy the ballet flats on sale in brown. There are still plenty of cambon bags in the UK stores but I'm surprised that your SA had a wallet from so long ago in the boutique.
  14. Yep, 2005 is a long time ago! She said it was the latest thing! She also knew that I am a Balenciaga girl and that I am not very familiar with Chanel. Shame on her! I had been looking for the wallet for quite some time. Now I know why I was having trouble finding wallets from that collection! Anyways, it was a beautiful wallet, but not that beautiful. So to make a point to the SA, I returned it via USPS overnight mail along with a nice little note about how I was informed that it is from 2005 and NOT 2007 like she told me and to please credit my AMEX asap! She will receive it tomorrow! It is just the principal of the matter that she sold me a line of crap!:rolleyes:

    Thanks to everyone for the info........I never would have known how old the wallet was if you hadn't told me. Thanks!
  15. ^Aww that was awful!! I would love to get a cambon even though it was made a few years ago but she should've tell you the whole truth about this!