I need (not want!) a pair of Chanel ear muffs

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  1. Well, I'm finally going skiing for the first time ever and I have decided I need a pair of Chanel ear muffs to make my trip complete. I noticed in Chanel=love's collection she had a fab pair from back in 2000 or so, and they were so cute. And I think my friends will be disappointed if I don't turn up on the slopes with a Chanel logo peeping out somewhere.
    Has anyone seen them around this season? I am based in London but am heading to NY later in the year ( :yahoo:) and Paris, so any suggestions about where I can start hunting would be faboo! :heart: :heart:
  2. I haven't seen ear muffs, but the winter hats that just came out are very cute...
  3. This might be a silly answer - but doesn't both London and NY and Paris have quite immense Chanel stores? I would start with looking/asking there..?

    Though I'd love to know if you find any, I want a pair too, and soon I'll be desperate and buy the LV's instead haha.
  4. Ha ha, not a silly question Graendal! I was hoping the lovely Chanel gals could tell me if they've seen any around lately so I could hit the phone. I'm always so shy going into stores too :shame: I hate asking to see things that aren't on display. Silly I know!
  5. ahhh the London stores are really helpful honey. Well worth picking up the phone and asking imo.

  6. Hi Always,
    Call Teresa at bond street tel 0207 493 5040 she is so nice and so helpful, she has also been with Chanel over 20 years so knows what she is talking about!!!
  7. Grazie mille! Shall give Teresa a call :yes:
  8. ^^ And let us know if you find them okay?!
  9. Please post pic when you get it, would love to see it!
  10. No ear muffs...but NM Beverly Hills had ( might still have) a pretty winter white scarf and hat...very winter chic.:graucho:
  11. ooooh, I do love matching! And a white scarf and hat sound gorgeous...so Grace Kelly at the snow ha ha. I'll keep you all updated. I love having a mission, particularly when it's Chanel related :p
  12. OMG! i really want a pair too. i just remember that back in the day chanel came out with rabbit fur earmuffs and they were the cutes things! they were white or black rabbit fur with opposing colored cc's!!!!
  13. i could have sworn i saw a pair at chanel SCP (southern Cal)...you might try to give them a call. i can't think of the name of that collection now (has a matching flap bag). soft like rabbit but looks like zebra stripes but i don't know for sure what kind of fur it was. you can see it at the website.
  14. This seems to be an old thread but I am currently looking for Chanel earmuffs. Anyone know where I can buy/order them from?

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