I Need New Glasses!

  1. what brand has nice eyeglasses? i was thinking chanel and dior. suggestions please!
  2. hmm...I'm not sure what brand to suggest, but I do love my totally rimless glasses. They look almost like I'm not wearing glasses at all (I usually wear contacts, but need the glasses occassionally). I think most brands have a couple of rimless (or almost rimless) models.
  3. I have a pair of really cute rectangular tortise shell frames by Prada.
  4. I have these coca-cola colored emo glasses by fendi I really like.
  5. I love my Miu Miu frames. They´re a bit chunky but still very feminine and have roses carved on the sides. I also love Marc Jacobs frames and am probably going to get those next.
  6. i have chanel, love them!
  7. Chanel is great.
  8. I have Chanel's and I love them. They are black plastic frames with crystal CC's on the sides. I get so many compliments on them.
  9. I'm buying Chanel next, but I think there are a ton of cute glasses by european designers at hip glasses shops (I suppose it matters where you live). For example, I have some fabulous cat-eye glasses from a brand called Bevel. If you are petite like me, you have to try on a lot to find a few pairs that look good!