I need new glasses!

  1. So I need new glasses and I don't know if I can post this here but I really appreciate yall's opinions as they seem to be honest and frank for the most part. I'm thinking about these:


    and these:


    And yes I looked for coach frames but none of them would have really looked right on me. What a struggle as is everything!
  2. I really like the bottom pair, they look very dressy, classy. The others are nice too, they look a bit more casual.
  3. i don't know if you could post here either because it' not coach related but let see how long this one slides for ;)

    anyways, i think the first one looks pretty nice because it doesn't have the gold accent. i think it looks a little tacky to have gold accents but that's my opinion of course, so my fav one would be the first one. the burgandy colored one! i love burgandy rimmed colored glass, they're the greatest. that color is just so pleasing to me
  4. I like the bottom pair also. Are you planning on ordering the frames online without trying them on? I have been tempted to order sunglasses and frames online but I've had two bad experiences in the past, both on eBay.:tdown:
  5. I was thinking about it. My current, on their last leg, frames are similar to the red pair except they are brown and a bit smaller, I've always felt they were too small for my face so I was moving up to a larger size. I just figured I could order them, they offer free shipping. If I don't, they are sure to be 300 or more at lenscrafters or somewhere like that.
  6. love the bottom pair, and the color is pretty neutral so they would go with most anything. good luck, i know how hard it is to find a decent set of frames!

  7. Make sure you check the return policy first. Some sites charge a "restocking fee" of 20% :sad:
  8. I like the bottom ones! And yeah, if you buy online, sometimes they charge a restocking fee- and you have to be careful to buy the right size across the bridge and such!
  9. I'm actually looking for a new frame too but I have the Asian nose where I can't wear the ones without the nose petals. But those are the ones I like!! Any suggestions?
  10. Why don't you go to a B&M store so you can try them on, then make a note of the style name/number and order them online for less? I know people who have done that and saved a lot of money.
  11. I really like the bottom pair, I think you should try lots of different styles on first and then like ^ Katheryn said maybe you could jot down the details and buy online.
  12. Love the bottom pair...like the contrasting leopard!
  13. I love the ones on the bottom. I believe the gold accents are subtle enough not too look too showy! And the inside with the print is very cute. The top ones just look a bit blah.