i need new boots!

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  1. so my trusty black boots are officially dead :cry: they had a good five year run. i guess it's about time. hehe. i went to Nordstrom yesterday to find a new pair and didn't like anything. i'm so picky. :rolleyes:

    so what brand are your favorite pair of boots? pictures would be lovely!
  2. What price range are you looking in? Also, are you looking for ankle boots or knee boots?
  3. I love Jimmy Choo's black house boots
  4. ooh that'd be helpful wouldn't it. :shame:

    i'd like to not spend more than 200 dollars (300 if they're at Nordstrom b/c i have a gift certificate). doesn't really matter ankle or knee, but they do need to fit under jeans well (which isn't really an issue b/c i wear flares mostly). must be leather, preferable with as little ornamentation as possible.

    i like square toes best and heels around 3 inches (more is ok, less usually isn't) :flowers:
  5. How about these Nine West Boots



    The second pair comes in black too. I bought the second pair last year & they are really comfortable.
  6. pisdapisda: i love the first ones, except the heel's too chunky. and the seconds except the toes are too pointy. can we just smoosh them into one boot? ;)

    fashion junkie: ooooh those might acutally work...have you tried them on? are they comfy? (i'm a comfort junkie...)
  7. Sorry, I don't...NM does ship to Canada though. You have to place the order by phone, not online.
  8. Sorry, I haven't tried them on...I think I am going to order them soon though, so when I get them I'll let you know!
  9. OOO..!! OOO...!! :nuts: ASK ME!! ASK ME!!! :yahoo: