I need necklace help!!

  1. I would love to buy a long, long Chanel necklace--very chanel with ccs, pearls, maybe a little chain. The only one I have is the black and white pearl lariat.
    Does anyone have suggestions?
    Mon, I think you went throught the perfect necklace search...please tell me what you learned!
    (Also pix, style numbers and price would be much appreciated. I know these are super expensive and I am hoping to find one on eBay or somewhere for a bit of a deal).
  2. Stacy, Chanel is introducing a new set of pearls for S/S 2007 - but so far I have not received calls from anyone. I am waiting for Brendan to call me on a longer chain for $1,350 - have been waitlisted since January - nothing yet. I'll dig up pics.

    So there should be a black & grey pearl strand, and white and gold strand pearls strands available.
  3. Here's a pic of the Black & Grey Pearls. Their are interlocking CC charms on this piece as well.

  4. ^^ I tried on those black and silver pearls (there is a long strand and a slightly shorter one) and wasn't in love at all. The silver looks painted on.

    The white pearls, which we all have in some variation, are so much nicer!

    I'm getting the long, white pearl with gold. I already tried the shorter gold strand, but didn't need them because I have the classic strand, which is the same length. The white pearls, in the gold strand, are a bit warmer in colour than the classic, which I happened to be wearing that day so I could compare...

    Anyway, the white with gold are much prettier. IMHO.
  5. I don't know if they are still out there, maybe. I bought the pretty pearl necklace with the icons on it earlier this year . . . sorry I can't post a pic but someone I think has a pic of the bracelet in the ref library under jewelry?
  6. Where did you try them on? Have they arrived in stores then?
  7. ^^ Yes, I tried the back and silver metal thing... (not easy to wear) and I also tried the back and silver pearl necklaces. They come in two sizes. As I said, they look painted and a bit cheap. (But of course they are $$$)

    I also tried the 'white with gold pearl' necklace, but the store only had the shorter length, the same length as the classic necklace, which I already own.

    I'm waiting for the longer 'white with gold pearl' but that is the only one that hasn't come in yet. Figures, since that's the one I'm getting, so of course it would be the last to arrive. :rolleyes:
  8. Thanks Mon for the pix and all for the info. I guess I need to go and see what I can find in the boutique to see what will work for me. For some reason I have no problem plopping down the big bucks for a bag but i am having a hard time for the costume jewelery. I must get over that and my white bag fear! Lots to work on this year for me!
  9. I need to work on white bag fear also. :yes: What is it about white bags?
    Have you seen the long lariat style?
  10. Good luck w/your search Rockerchic! Hope you find your dream necklace!
  11. I do have the black and white long lariat and love it!! I want a long necklace that will almost hang to my waist or can be doubled up...I can't seem to find one but I'll keep up the search!;)
  12. I'm the exact same way. And everytime I start to think of purchasing jewlery, I just say but I can get another handbag for that price...LOL. And I also have a fear of white bags, but there so gorgeous.
  13. I think its TDF. And theres more than just one way of wearing it. It would look so nice as a bracelet too.
  14. There are a few authentic ones on eBay, but they're really marked up. The retail on that style is $695. It's gorgeous, and very classic - can be worn long or doubled up.